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April 20 2012

Joss Whedon celebrates Equality Now with new material. Hollywood Reporter details some of what went down at last night's 20th anniversary event for the organization.

Everybody who was in that room is my hero.
And in one thoughtless comment at the link, someone tries to tear down everything they accomplished that evening. I think it speaks volumes that Vanessa Redgrave was there to pitch in for Meryl Streep (who, by the way, has given millions away over the years to causes, without ever needing or wanting to be congratulated for it. This was recently remarked upon: Showbiz 411 Article about Meryl). Rich or not, liberal or not, those who can do. Those who make dismissive remarks about those trying to help humanity ought to catch a clue.

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I didn't necessarily read the remark as dismissive of Meryl Streep - I just figured she couldn't make it for some reason.

I would love to see a miscellany book or something that collects some of Joss's work like this and his Humanist lectures and other odds and ends...

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Tonya, never read the comments. I still have a web series in my head of Enver Gjokaj and Patrick Stewart in everyday situations (eg the supermarket) conversing through Internet Comments.
I didn't say the comment writer was dismissive of Meryl Streep, miri47, but of the whole event. I used Meryl as an example of their implication, "rich liberal", as she is on Equality Now's Board.

I know, Gossi. When will I ever learn. Sheesh.
Love that man's love of women.
I hope someone recorded this event. Would love to see new Joss material.

And in one thoughtless comment at the link, someone tries to tear down everything they accomplished that evening.

Don't they always? I was struck by a lot of the response to Ashley Judd's recent article on the constant assault on women in the media. So many people, even after (presumably) reading the article, just didn't get it, and reinforced in the comments the problems she was talking about. So many people are completely blind to the level of inequality, or they're just so used to it they think it's normal and acceptable.
miri47, I believe Tonya meant the first comment submitted by a reader, not what the author of the article said about the switch in actresses for the one skit. The comment was something to the effect of, "rich liberals telling each other how great they are".

So wish I could have gone. I took the time off but just couldn't get the math to work. :(
Could we talk more about the event and less about one comment someone left on a different website, please? The event itself sounds pretty great.
Ah, now I feel bad for being disappointed he was not a few miles away from me at the London premier of The Avengers last night. I had no idea he had this prior engagement.

Count me in as wanting to see some of these monologues and skits. They should have recorded the evening and sold it on DVD/digitally. I could imagine they could have raised a nice bit of money.

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