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April 20 2012

(SPOILER) Firefly easter egg in Cabin plus more info from The Visual Companion. io9 gives us a review of the movie tie-in.

No idea what it is, as haven't seen it yet and don't want to be spoiled!

Apparently, there's a Reaver in there somewhere. Did anyone spot it?

In related news, I wasn't planning to buy the tie-in book but now I might have to. It sounds fun.
I wouldn't doubt it, skittledog. Awesome. More stuff to look for in a rewatch!
I thought I saw it, but I wasn't sure :). Oh well, another excuse to see it again!
Yea, when I read this link title that was my first thought! I wasn't sure either. 2nd watch ASAP then!
Pretty sure I saw a smallish Reaver in there.
The movie and the show were written by the same guy.
There is a creepy looking guy in a brown coat...
Fun! They should've put in a blue-hand guy, though ... they scared me more than the Reavers. :-)
Definitely have to pick up this book. Now the question is what in the basement activates a Reaver attack? Could SERENITY have been on one of those film reels?
I picked up on the Serenity nod. It's on the video feed when all the monsters are loose. Reavers are torturing a man hanging upside down in a stairwell then cuts to a woman putting a gun to her head and pulling the trigger like the woman in the holo video on Miranda.

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The whole "purge button" sequence reminded me a lot of Serenity anyway, when Mal et al bring an army of Reavers to the Alliance fleet. Just that idea, I guess, of the little guys using the vicious army to their advantage.

I think it's something Joss likes.
"A different actor was cast as Truman, but after he got the actual script he bailed out because it was so different from what he thought he'd be doing."

As a struggling actor in this crazy town, I can't imagine someone doing this. Unless the original actor was already pretty well established and genuinely didn't need the exposure, or if he objected to the actual version for moral reasons. Good grief, how very much you never say no to a Joss project. This fact actually blows my mind.
Oh, I saw the woman with the gun to her head and did indeed think of Serenity, but obviously wasn't paying attention to that bit of the screen beforehand. Cool. When I eventually get this on dvd I'm just going to be freeze-framing my way through the whole monster attack, aren't I?
Haha, that's a good point, XanMan. Maybe when he read the script and saw it was horror, he thought it'd be a crappy D-movie and didn't pay attention to the quality of the talent (or, I guess, the script itself). Kinda weird though, for sure.
XanMan, non-struggling actors do it all the time, for a variety of reasons. The first choice for Jules turned it down because of the nudity. To Anna it was no big deal. (That info is also in the book)

Just as there are people who don't like the movie now that it's been made, there are those who would not want to be a part of something they don't believe in.

Best of luck to you, getting to that non-struggling place is, IMO, harder for actors/actresses than any other job in this industry. I've heaps of respect for those who stick it out! You'll make it!
Ok. Book ordered. Was thinking about it--this pushed me over the edge.
Thanks, bobw1o. Yeah, like I said, I totally get it if there's a moral reason to decline - nudity, violence, or heck, maybe you're just not a fan of cabins in woods. I guess I should have said that I'm more intrigued by the original actor's reasoning, and I wish the article had detailed that a bit. Obviously that wasn't their point, though, so it certainly wasn't an expectation. But I wish I knew what he thought the movie was and how that compared to what it really is.

Thanks again for your wish of luck. I'll take all of that that I can get. :)
I just saw it for a second time today and I got so much more out of it, and the filming really is so beautiful. This is definitely a movie I'll own and rewatch (but I do hope for a commentary!). And yeah, I guess I'm getting this book too... because it sounds awesome. I just hope they'll tell us how the Intern (Tom Lenk) dies!
Oh, I do hope there are commentaries! I suspect Joss and Drew is a lock, but one with Bradley and Richard, and another with the kids, would be just the greatest thing.
XanMan, I could see a very conservative Christian/Muslim/Jew objecting to "Cabin" on the grounds that its premise is pantheistic.
The Goose got it. I saw it again for the fifth time tonight, and it dawned on me that it was a Serenity reference. I was looking for Firefly and Dollhouse references. Was the dollhouse in the basement a Dollhouse reference?
I remembered the woman with the gun but didn't connect it to Serenity... AMAZING!

As for Dollhouse -- on the whiteboard, one of the possible monsters is "Dolls"... for any horror film ,that can be those antique scary-ass dolls but for the Whedonverse, I'll read it as Actives :)

And maybe someone can confirm this, in the film there was a long shot of two monsters with round masks on. In Topher's office on the wall, there is a pic of those similar monsters but it's hard to tell from my screen (I just happened to watch the episode Briar Rose after I saw the film... maybe I'm trying to see things that aren't there :)

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