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April 20 2012

Warren Ellis hints that he will start writing Wastelanders next month. Ellis has started a new mailing list which he talks about what he is working on lately which includes: "...a televideowebby sort of thing I'm supposed to start writing next month."

Since I'm unaware of Ellis doing any of other web-based show, I'm assuming that he is talking about working on Wastelanders with Joss.

Sounds like Joss will be jumping into Wastelanders shortly after promotion for Avengers is wrapped up.

Ellis plans on putting out this mailing list around once a week and the "televideowebby sort of thing" is one of the things he will be talking about, so anyone interested in getting some early Wastelanders news, might want to subscribe.

He is talking about Wastelanders. He tweeted much the same remark, but specifically citing that project, a couple (I think?) of weeks ago.
Yeah, he said something along the lines that with Joss talking about Wastelanders so much in the press, that it likely mean they will actually have to work on it soon.

Still I wanted it to be clear that he didn't say Wastelanders by name this time.

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I can't wait for Wastelanders; it sounds like the kind of project Joss was talking about when he said he wanted to make things that are "small, pure and odd."

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