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April 20 2012

(SPOILER) The Avengers UK press conference in full. Digital Spy has kindly uploaded a full length video of the UK press conference for the Avengers.

Just realised that there is a spoiler at about 20 minutes in. Sorry to anyone that heard it without meaning to.

How lovely. Too bad I can't watch it. I'm on low connection speed/stability this month, and I managed to load about two seconds.
Yeaahhhh stop watching at 20 minutes. So much for being unspoiled. Damn. Can see it was a mistake though. I wouldn't have expected a question like that to be asked.
Wow, it's a really big spoiler then? That's kinda annoying.
It wasn't an explicit spoiler but one question gave a VERY strong hint about the fate of a character.

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Thanks for the warning. I watched up until the 19 minute mark and stopped there. I have an idea what it might be anyway, but at least when I go see the movie I won't KNOW for sure.
Apparently it's also up on Youtube now. But even in 240p it would take forever for me to load, so...yeah.
Youtube link.

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