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April 20 2012

Watch Jane Espenson play Settlers of Catan on this week's "TableTop". TableTop is a part of Felicia Day's youtube channel "Geek and Sundry." They bring in various celebrities to play tabletop board games.

Not 100% sure if this was notable enough for a front page post. By all means, if it isn't, go ahead and delete it.
I'm really enjoying "Geek and Sundry" particularly "TableTop" and "Sword and Laser." A fun way to keep up with the sci-fi and fantasy fandoms.
Yeah. The bonus guild material has been great too. I'm really looking forward to "written by a kid" as well. From the looks of it, Tom Lenk is going to be on next week's episode of 'The Flog' too!

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I don't mind. Here's a short interview branching off from the main video.

That dictionary game is cool. We did something similar with my siblings, making the others guess if a world was real or invented, but her version is better.
Ahh Settlers! I need to play a game soon. We have the board extension too, it is pretty banging.

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