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April 20 2012

TV's most divisive love triangles. Two Buffyverse entries make this list from TVLine.

If Spike/Buffy/Angel even qualifies as a love triangle (given their relationships were so far apart) then surely it only really became a triangle on Angel.
Wow, a lot of those "love triangles" weren't even triangles, such as Spike/Buffy/Angel and Ross/Rachel/Joey. Do the TVLine writers know what a love triangle is?
I don't seem to recall any fan contention about shipping during the run of BtVS... although I do wonder if the elephant would care for some hors d'oeuvres.
Oh, I remember a lot of fan contention about it. Sometimes it got nasty.
You forgot Dru.
Bring It On, I am guessing you didn't frequent the Bronze during Buffy's run. I did and the 'shipping flame wars got really bad on there, so bad I stopped going (and chilled on the Yahoo boards instead).
I never noticed that so many "triangles" on tv were two guys pining for a girl before this article. Probably has something to do with the fact that most writers seem to be guys, which I feel also leads to "manic pixie girls" and "geeky" guys finally getting the unattainable hot girl but rarely vice versa.
Could Dru/Spike/Buffy/Angel comprise a love quadrangle? With a dotted line through the middle of it?
I'd say Ross/Rachel/Joey were a love triangle by the end of season 8, beginning of season 9 (with episodes such as the one where no one proposes).
Was there ever really much contention about Wes/Fred/Gunn? I mean, even the episodes themselves felt structured to present Gunn/Fred as just an obstacle to the inevitable Wes/Fred...
The Bronze... UPN Bronze... Hellmouth Central... yes. I was being ironical.
I'm still for Gunn/Fred. Not that it matters anyway. I really liked them together and I'm not a big Wes fan. My friends think I'm nutty. :)

I also liked Fred and Knox. That didn't end well.

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I like Wes, but I was Fred/Gunn all the way.

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