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April 21 2012

Buffy cake for the win. Geek Mom thinks it's quite possibly the best birthday cake ever.

To be fair, that cake design was originally created by Courtney Clark at Cake Nouveau. You can see the original design on their website:

Just click on the thumbnail in the bottom right hand corner.
The original is much better -- but I'd be ecstatic to get either. ;)
Awesome! Here's the one my Mum got me for my 21st:
Here's some more cakes
Well, it's the thought that counts. Kinda' like the stake impalation, strikes the tone (impalation, I'm doing it again).

Cakes and slaying, why does that ring a bell?
Now I really want cake...
The original is slicker and nicer looking, but I vote buttercream over fondant every time.
Oh, "Pangs" was it! Hmm, who has some buttermilk and a blackbear?

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