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April 21 2012

Cabin released in Sweden after fan campaign. Just a quick follow-up to my earlier post. Sometimes a fan campaign works!

Quick - let's start a fan campaign to bring back firefly! No one's tried that right?
Yah, I will try to drag as many of my friends to the theater as I can.
Well, that's great for those in Stockholm. I guess I'll wait for the DVD anyway.
It's not only Stockholm, they haven't decided on the cities yet.

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That didn't take long. Congrats, Swedish fans.
That's some pretty damn fantastic news. I've been waiting for this since July of 2008. Hopefully it'll turn up fairly locally.
Wow, I'm impressed.

Re: a Firefly campaign, it might actually work after The Avengers is released. Maybe Universal will be the one calling Joss, asking him what he wants to do next. All they have to do is slap a big "from the writer/director of The Avengers" on the trailers.
I think im gonna start one for Spain NOW. We dont even have a dvd date set...

Congratulations to Sweden. :)

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Awesome! Now let's get everyone to go see it too! :)
Congratulations to the Swedish fans! That is really making me happy.
Well, now I'm glad I joined that group out of solidarity! Maybe the fact that it's doing pretty well in the U.S. combined with the fan campaign convinced them to give it a shot.
Heck, I'm not Swedish but I still submitted my John Hancock, because Sweden? You NEED to see this movie!

Great! Then I hope it's near, or in a town where I know someone and can sleep over.
Jag ńlskar sverige! :-)
I'm from Spain too. I'm really angry, we don't have ANY news on distributors yet!
Great news for us Swedes. Here's to hoping it just doesn't show in the big cities.
Well done :) a great campaign with a realistic target.
Quick, let's campaign to bring back FIREFLY to Swedish television! ;)
Congrats to the Swedes and I hope the Spanish will also get to enjoy Cabin at some point.
I hope Spain gets it too.

Mindwipe: There's virtually no money in Swedish television.
Now they just need to bring it up to Umeň...

update: saw it Monday May 21 in Umeň, missed it over the weekend, completely sold out! Woohoo, so glad it came to town!!

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