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April 21 2012

Joss Whedon: Hollywood's golden boy. The Guardian says Joss is the "hottest property in cinema..." (My take: "Like most overnight successes, this one only took twenty years.") Anyway, we knew him when.

What is the content about? I have no idea whether to click or not.
That's our Joss.

Not spoilery, BTW.
There's no spoilers. About anything, really.

It's an interesting read, although the writer obviously hasn't been a fan as long as most (all) of us.
The article keeps calling The Avengers movie, "Avengers Assemble." Heh.
I wouldn't say there are any spoilers for either the Avengers or Cabin there...

Really good article though. A very nicely articulated and fair profile of Joss and his work, I think, though no news to us.
Yeah, there seems to be some confusion on "the Avengers" and "Avengers Assemble." UK seems to favor the latter
It's called Avengers Assemble in the UK because there's already an Avengers.
Because *I* haven't yet seen CiTW, I skipped lightly reading over those bits, but my impression was that there was some summation of its content & nature - but I was hoping a mod could tell more precisely if there was something that would be considered as spoiler. I'm never sure of that anyway, even if I have seen whatever is under discussion. (Which was Joss' career as a whole, but more specifically, CitW: hence its category & tags.)

I prefer to err on the side of safety, but I'm also aware that many of you have already seen CitW, and for anyone that has, of course, there are no spoilers.
There's no spoilers. It mentions why Whedon made Cabin in the Woods but doesn't mention anything at all about the plot.
This is a very nice supportive article, but if 'Avengers' doesn't break all known box office records then it sounds like it might be considered to be a failure (LOL). Also I think this writer believes that all of Joss' fans are teenagers/young adults. Considering I get the senior discount at all the movie theaters now, I'm not sure how I feel about that.
Joss Whedon being Hollywood's golden boy feels a bit like wishful thinking at this point. I'm waiting until Avengers wins big time, or if Hollywood gushes over Much to Do About Nothing. Or if they green-light Serenity 2.
Quotergal, the only thing mentioned about Cabin is the type of movie it is, in very vague terms. Nothing that would spoil you for the movie.
Yeah, two movies "in a fortnight," but one them was actually done quite a while ago....And I hope Joss captures the 15-25 demo, but at the events I've gone to, most of the people look a bit closer to 30 (still much younger than me, though!)

However, I'll not nitpick, because Joss being Hollywood's golden boy would be a very very good thing.
Be sure to check the lobby of your theater...there was a table with FREE Cabin in Woods posters. The posters were about 11 by 17 inches.
It's about time, don't you think!
OMG Anonymous1, seriously? Where was that? Because I don't think Iowa gets posters... but I would kill for a Cabin in the Woods poster!
Woah! “hottest property in cinema”! Excuse me, I’m a fan since ‘98 way before everyone jumped the bandwagon, lol.

Hipster jokes aside, I’m quite proud of my greatest idol alive. Bravo, sir.
You should try Amazon, I would think they would sell the Cabin poster.

At the theater I go to, they sometimes have a table near the front doors of the lobby or off to the side of the lobby and they put free movie stuff there. So on this table there was Cabin in the Woods posters and some other movie posters that I did not care about.

I didn't look last week, but when I saw the movie again, I was looking around the lobby.

So look around the lobby for tables of stuff. You could ask a staff person because sometimes free stuff is only given out to people who ask.
Joss had me with Buffy. I'm tickled pink that he finally had his shot to show his mad skills!
Just got back from my second viewing of CITW. It just gets better and better with repeated viewings.
And with all this new-found Hollywood power Joss will break the rules of reality and revive FIREFLY! Time to kick the fanatical rumor mill into overdrive.
Or he ends up making something that is even better.
We've seen it coming. :-)
If Universal got the idea of ordering a Serenity sequel, I think we can pretty safely assume it wouldn't be called "Serenity 2". Studios don't like "2" anymore, especially when the first movie didn't do huge, since it makes people go "well, I didn't see the first one, so I'd be lost seeing the sequel". And it would have to be a stand-alone follow-up rather than a direct story continuation. Which wouldn't be impossible to pull off, since Serenity wrapped itself up pretty nicely (although the end of Float Out suggested a certain shift in the status quo, and since a few years have passed since Wash died, one can probably infer how far that has gone in the interim).

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@Embers, I think the "what they say" piece at the bottom of the article is the best way to look at Whedonites as a group.

"When you look into Whedon's world… the image that comes to mind isn't of worshippers before an idol but of a chatty gathering of like-minded souls, who have come together to form a community."

In short, who cares how old you are or how old people think Whedonites are? Because we don't.
Well this community will probably go exponential and the proof is in Sears. There were Avengers shirts everywhere. Of course I bought one for my youngest. It came with a truck. Yup the marketing machine is going into overdrive. I wonder if there will be a Happy Meal?
Actually, he's Hollywood's auburn-haired boy. That Joss, always bucking the system. ✐✐✐ (closest thing to a stake I could find)
^That's what Willow thought in that one episode too, so you're good.

Dammit, now I want a cool Avengers t-shirt. Though I doubt I'll ever find a pop-culture t-shirt better than my Darth Vader one. It's not just cool, it also doesn't make you look like a stylistically challenged dork.
I'm surprised that QMx hasn't produced Avengers t-shirts yet, but they would be a good holdout for something of quality, or contact them to find out if they will have some products.
I don't think QMx got the license for The Avengers?
Marvel has 3 t-shirts for men, several for boys ... um, Marvel?
"When you look into Whedon's world… the image that comes to mind isn't of worshippers before an idol but of a chatty gathering of like-minded souls, who have come together to form a community."

Simon, guess you better grow a beard and appear all regale and such....

I'm laughing so hard, I can't see straight. Sorry Simon! Oh , now I'm losing it again!! Heh,heh!

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