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April 22 2012

(SPOILER) Full cast listing for The Avengers. Spoilers for roles and fantastic casting that we didn't know about.

I am so happy right now! I have been watching Angel again and I forgot how much I loved Wes! Happy to see some Alum! Now only if we can get Amy in there as well :P
I was very happy to see him listed.
OMG! What a surprise.
I gave a little squee. Not going to lie.
Only three days to go!!!
Since this is a spoiler-tagged thread, I will say that you should be very prepared to not recognise him at all. My girlfriend and I noticed his name in the end credits and both pretty much went, "Wait, what? Oh my god! But wait. Where... oh! OH!"
I guess that means Ashley Johnson and Enver Gjokaj are in the final cut too.
Redders, that made me super happy to see!
What on earth could "The Other" be!?!?!? I am beyond excited whatever it is!
This is the only spoilery thing I've read about the movie. I don't think knowing will diminish the thrill of seeing them!
Not terrifically surprising, given how Joss likes to help keep the 'godfather' employed.

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