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April 22 2012

(SPOILER) Black Widow meets Bruce Banner. Another clip from the film, also available here. It also was shown at a Q&A with Mark Ruffalo at the Apple store in London and sounds similar to the description of the scene played at New York Comic Con

I heart Mark Ruffalo.

And I'm honestly not saying this to be hyperbolic, but I can't think of a single shot in any of the pre-Avengers films as impressive as Black Widow aiming her gun (ditto the slo-mo Cap/Thor shot we saw last week). Reminds me of River pointing her gun at Mal in Serenity.
Love that shot. It's very Joss, and it's very comic book-y. Could totally picture that as a panel. You are right that none of the other Marvel films have done anything like it.
What I'm noticing is how, thanks to that lighting and Ruffalo's acting, Banner looks like he's already half-Hulked when he slams his fists on the table.

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