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April 22 2012

The Observer's "10 best female action heroes" includes... you can probably guess.

You lost me at "Claire Bennet". I don't know that Supergirl is argued to be the "best" female superhero clone - I think Batgirl has that honour. What about Sarah Connor? What about Ripley? What about Storm or Kitty Pryde?
I just watched Kick-Ass last week and totally get the Chloe Moretz love now.

Nikita should be on this list. It fills the Buffy-shaped hole on tv these days.
Wow. I didn't care for this list at all. Especially using that particular picture of Buffy, looking all weak and terrified. Screw that.
Also i very much doubt it was Buffy who led the current love for vampires...
Yes, Kitty Pryde and Xena were my first two thoughts about missing characters. I didn't expect River Tam to be on the list but she probably should be...though perhaps I'm biased? Pink Ranger I get, but poor Yellow Ranger.
Of all the inclusions to object to, I don't see Claire as the worst at all. She basically toted that show around on her resilient back for... the whole fourth season, and long stretches of others. She was the most heroic of the metahumans by far for my money, even her occasionally superman-styled uncle. I agree with the lack of Ripley (more so than Sarah Connor, IMO -- that would be an awesome debate thread), but I'd dump the freakin' pink ranger or frakkin' powerpuff girls before I'd dump Claire.
Xena was one character that I thought would be on this list for sure. While I'm always happy to see a Buffy mention, I really did not care for this list.
Darkness - I'd say Buffy was the flagship of this generation's vampire phenomenon. Absolutely paved the way for Twilight, True Blood, Vampire Diaries etc.
Claire Bennet? On what planet?

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