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April 23 2012

Jane Espenson is interviewed by Raphael Sbarge. The "Buffy" and "Dollhouse" writer talks with the "Once Upon a Time" actor about her new shows and references Joss in the three-part audio interview.

She mentions Joss in part 3, by name.

Can't wait to listen. She just rocked yet another Once Upon a Time Rumplestiltskin episode, IMO.
@J.Monique Thanks for posting this.

I am a huge fan of Jane and her work. She is so inspiring. Such a good example of positivity.

Her writing sprints are such a boon. Oftimes I can become terminally distracted, and her influence guides me into becoming more focused. It's nice to know that we fellow sprinters are helping to keep her honest too.

I hope Husbands goes from strength to strength. It's such a labour of love and such a joyous thing to watch.
Agreed hann, that last episode is definitely going to be a favorite for me.

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