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February 03 2004

Chance DVD in UK. You can now order the Chance DVD and poster for 28.99 (Pounds Sterling) from Forbidden Planet (search for Amber Benson in the Buffy section to view).

For some reason, the link didn't work. The CGI thingy pointed back to Whedonesque, so that's why I edited your post. And if there any Brits who haven't seen Chance, it's well worth getting.
Yep, well woth getting, it's a hard film to describe though, weird yet strangely likeable. The closest thing I can think of to describe it is that its a little bit like "Spaced".
Really? I thought it was great to see James, Amber, and Andy, but I was disappointed on the whole. Every time they weren't on the screen, I had to stop myself from fast-forwarding-- not because I wanted to see people I recognized, but because some of those other actors are just not that great, and I thought the musical vignettes brought any pacing to a halt whenever they appeared.

Positives: The lead acting is great, and their chemistry really shows. The characters are also well-written.

Negatives: The shot composition is charming at times but amatuerish to the point of distraction, as is the norm with these kind of DV low-budget movies. The plot is definitely in the vein of those 90's meandering character-based indie films that dealt with relationships and often could have been edited much more tightly. And the music of Grant Langston (also seen in "To Shanshu in LA") is just not my cup of tea. It kept making think of the pairing of Elliott Smith and "Good Will Hunting," except Langston is no Elliott Smith.

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