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April 23 2012

Television Without Pity's Top 10 TV Politicians. Our favourite Mayor gets a look in. Well gosh!

I never understood how he could rule for 100 years and nobody noticed.

Without Leslie Knope (Parks and Rec) this list is meaningless.
Not heard of half of these. List needs Francis Urquhart though.

Just read that it's elected officals only, hence no Malcolm Tucker et al.

[ edited by redders on 2012-04-23 15:41 ]
Everything needs more Francis Urquhart. Including me. Why don't I own those dvds yet?

And if it's elected, that would explain the omission of Leslie Knope, who should definitely be on there in any worthwhile universe. I will accept Laura Roslin as a peace offering though.

[ edited by skittledog on 2012-04-23 16:08 ]
@Matt7325- It was gangs on PCP. Isn't that the explanation for everything?

Oh, and the article actually mentions Leslie Knope and why she is omitted.

[ edited by Jelly on 2012-04-23 16:08 ]
I think the Mayor actually took some time off between generations, to catch up to his own age :-).
I'm bummed Alderman Ronin Gibbons from The Chicago Code isn't on the list, but the show was short lived and not many people watched it.
It would have worked better over here, where nobody knows who runs local government, so Richard Wilkins could easily have gotten away with it.
I seem to recall that he wasn't in the least fond of getting his hands *literally* dirty.

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