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April 23 2012

Tom Lenk Guests on Felicia Day's Vlog this Week. It's Tom's 'Ode To Carrie Fisher'.

[ edited by Jelly on 2012-04-24 04:51 ]

So talented. And geeky!
I just loved the 'Ode to Carrie Fisher' (they look so cute in formal wear!).
Love Felicia and Tom's take on the YouTube music performance video gone wacky and awesome. Also, love seeing their music-playing faces :)
Is it wrong that I found the awkward silence at the end of their performance to be the most endearing part of the whole thing?

I also got a laugh from Felicia calling the drum major the "quarterback of the band".
Wasn't it Tom Lenk that wrote it? Unless I missed something. It was well done and fun.
It was my impression that Tom wrote it...

Super awesome. Love these Flogs.
Edited the entry to better indicate that Tom wrote the song. The Video description called it Felicia's Ode hence the original description.

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