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April 23 2012

Vote for Ringer in E! Online's Annual Save One Show. It has made it to the final round and it's main competition is Body of Proof. Help Ringer claim victory!

I can't vote for this without hating myself. That show is god awful and all of the actors on it, especially SMG, deserve far better.
I'm happy that the show gave Gellar work as a television regular again and sort of reminded the world that she still existed. It's not really that good a series though, and probably should be cancelled. I really wish Gellar has more luck with her next project.
The second half of this show was terrific.
I voted for Fringe. Hasn't been it's best season, but that show at its best does more for me than everything else on that list combined.

I'm still watching Ringer, but it has devolved into a downward spiral of ever more ridiculous plot twists combined with thinner and thinner characterization. It's a pity, but it's just ... not very good. And I honestly don't see how they could extend the plot beyond the current season anyway.
Ringer would be a guilty pleasure if I felt the need for guilt. Instead it's just soapy fun, and I love watching SMG play twins. Hope it gets another season.
I really wanted to like the show. But after the break I just couldn't get into it and stopped watching altogether. I blame a lot of the fact that they should have had equal amount of time with Siobhan on the show. What's the point, otherwise? And the constant traveling from Paris to New, yeah...
Ringer is a total mess, but for some reason I still like it and look forward to watching it. I will vote for Fringe though, it's a much better show and deserves a proper finish.
I had to vote for "Fringe" as well. Love Sarah with all my heart, but "Ringer" is a god awful show. She deserves better.
Can Sarah just work with Joss again please? At least he knows how to use her. Ringer wastes what she's good at and makes her do things like speak French badly. And Sarah's good at funny too. But nope. Obviously this is all my opinion, but SMG has the ability to floor people. And I'm all not floored. I'm ceiling'd.
I also had to vote for "Fringe." I watched "Ringer" because Sarah was on it, and because there wasn't anything else on worth watching on Tuesday nights. I like the cast of "Ringer," but given the convoluted plot for the show, I can't see that the writers are talented enough to extend the story one more episode, much less one more season.

Could it be that Sarah is so determined not to be Buffy again, that she keeps making bad choices, or is she not being offered anything decent? (Granted, pretty much anything is a fall from Buffy, but can't she fall down a small hill rather than a cliff?)
Based on the ratings, I can't see the CW renewing this.
I wanted to vote for Ringer, I actually enjoy it as a trashy soap, and I really want it to get to wrap up, but COMMUNITY! My little fan heart will break if (when :( ) this show is canceled, I cannot vote against it. Apparently I'm the only one though cause it only has like 9%. You guys, you're whedonites, I know you like things that are good-- Community is an awesome show. I didn't know it was possible for sitcoms to be so quality, with the continuity and the characters and the being HILARIOUS-- you all should watch it.
COMMUNITY! I actually hadn't clicked through--was just reading the comments & saw yours aphasia. So I voted. Love love love Community.
Firefly's Melinda Clarke is also represented with Nikita.
I love Sarah, but I'm not going to vote for Ringer. The twists in the show might be good if the writing was stronger! Some of the dialogue is so cheesy - especially lines like 'Siobhan, you seem like a completely different person'.

I had to vote for Community. Possibly one of the best comedy shows airing right now.
Voted for Ringer :) I actually liked that show! (unlike most ;)

Fringe is over their top I think, I didn't like the middle part of this season, and although the last episode was pretty good (had a Dollhouse - Epitaph One feeling), I still don't know if those writers can make a decent season 5.

As for the other shows, they never really caught my attention, so...
I wish nothing but the best for the cast and crew of Ringer, but SMG, Jason Dohring and Lester Carbonell (among others) could be doing something more worthy of their talent elsewhere. It certainly doesn't deserve renewal over Community or Fringe.
I'm with krissyjump and Rashann. I think Ringer is one of the most enjoyable new series this season, certainly the best thing on the CW in years, and an absolute joy to watch each week. I had no idea it was in danger of not being renewed. Honestly I just find that incredible, IMO it's just so much better than anything that aired on the CW since Veronic Mars ended half a decade ago.

I think Community is fantastic too. Perhaps even the best comedy currently on in the US, and I would be crushed if it was cancelled. But the IMO completely underserved, meanspirited and ridiculously harsh reaction to Ringer here means it got my vote.
I'm not sure what's mean-spirited above... people actually seem to have given it a shot and not liked it. (Whereas I who never even tried it will refrain from comment.)

I had to vote for Cougar Town though. And I'm sad it only has 2.7% of the vote. Much as I love Community too, Cougar Town has my heart - it's just such a goofy fun hang-out show.
2011 was the first year in a very long time where I had a whole bunch of new shows arrive that I actually enjoyed. Game of Thrones, Homeland, Falling Skies, Alphas, Once Upon A Time, Terra Nova, Person of Interest, American Horror Story, The Secret Circle and Grimm were all great new series, to varying degrees.

Ringer does not make that list!

Sorry Sarah, I really wanted to enjoy it but it's REALLY bad. In fact it's 'making the first ten episodes of The Secret Circle seem better' bad! And at least TSC actually did get a lot better!

Voted for Fringe but Nikita was a close second. Really underrated show!
@skittledog I'm mostly referring to the first comment ("I can't vote for this without hating myself. That show is god awful"), which to me just seems excessively harsh, and more than a little insulting to those of us that do love the show.

ETA: Perhaps comments like this just hit me because they were so far from the kind of thing I had expected to find here. I didn't know the show was in danger of cancellation in the first place (I had assumed it was doing really well for some reason). And had instead expected tremendous outrage about the series potential cancellation and support for the show in a thread like this.

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Have to say too, based on ratings alone neither Body of Proof or Ringer have any serious chance of being renewed, so whatever the result of this poll should one of the current top two win, Kristin's going to be wasting her breath this time around.

Shoulda voted Fringe, people! At least that has a real possibility of a final season renewal. Fingers crossed!
I would vote Community or Fringe first, but since I'm already convinced they'll both be renewed anyway, especially Fringe, it's between Nikita and Ringer for me. I really like them both.

Ringer started out very slow, and I honestly only continued watching it for SMG (and secretly hoping it'd get canceled), but the last half of the season was significantly better, and the last few episodes were just exceptional. I think given how strong the season ended, it's gonna get my vote.

Just glad I apparently never have to worry about Game of Thrones. Only VM, Buffy, and Firefly top that, and barely.
@the Groosalugg Ah, fair enough. Yeah, its ratings have been pretty bad (even for the CW), and I saw it get a lot of critical panning early on, so I guess I was expecting this thread to have a fair amount of what it does - people feeling a little bad about not actually wanting to vote for it.
@zombiecow Yes! I'm very happy that Game of Thrones is such a succes ratings-wise and that it's creating such positive buzz. I've been anticipating this series ever since the first announcements about the production in 2007, and it's just great to see it catch on like this.

(ETA: Am I doing something wrong or are links supposed to show up like this? This is new right, or have links in comments always looked goldish like this?)

Too bad about Ringer. I've yet to see the finale, hope they wrapped things up a little.

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I'll admit, I was skeptical of anyone adapting ASoIaF (by far my favorite books) way back when, especially with the way the Sword of Truth was so horribly brutalized, but man, when that 15 minute preview for the first season came out...

Yeah, they wrapped things up enough on Ringer that it would be an acceptable ending to me, but I really unexpectedly got hooked.
I'm voting Fringe. Sorry, Ringer lost me a long time ago.
@ Five Horizons,

I think that "Body of Proof" may actually have some chance now. "Private Practice" has been doing similar numbers in the same slot, "GCB" could easily be canceled, "Scandal" is doing unimpressive numbers after "Grey's". I wouldn't go so far as to say it's a toss-up, but I think that "Body's" numbers no longer look as bad compared to it's peers.
Sorry. With those offerings, I had to vote for "Fringe." If, however, Ringer does get renewed I'll probably keep watching it.

Yeah, possibly, although I think Private Practice has the Grey's Anatomy brand behind it to strengthen its chances of getting another year at least. Not that I think either Grey's or Private Practice are particularly good television. If only GCB and Scandal go (and they most definitely will) then I'd say that Body of Proof will go with them.
Truly, it is a strange world where Fringe is languishing at 8.3% in the poll. I would renew it on the back of John Noble's acting alone.
I voted for Ringer. It isn't the best show that I've watched, but I've had fun watching it this season and I haven't actually seen any of the other shows on the list.
@ alittlebitbison

My feeling is that for the last few weeks or so there has been an awful lot of positive speculation from those supposedly in the know that Fringe is almost certain to get a fifth season, albeit one with only 13 episodes. As such, I don't think that the Fringe fanbase is quite as fired up as it usually would be at this point.

I just hope that it doesn't prove to be a mistake though. If FOX still has even a small doubt about granting that final season then a seemingly uncaring fanbase might push them further away from giving it the nod. I would imagine that it's pretty much a done deal now, one way or the other, but it might not have hurt to have won this poll, just in order to show a little extra effort from the fans. Not that voting on an internet poll is exactly an effort...

Joel Wyman has said just today that he is '9.99 out of 10' certain that renewal news is coming this week though, so I can only imagine that he has good reason to be as positive as that.
I think Fringe and Community look alright for a renewal - For Fringe as a definite ending season and Community as maybe a short order... I hope Cougar Town and Nikita can survive. Ringer definitely got way better in the last few weeks. I think the harshest of negativity towards it comes from those who gave up a while ago, so I can definitely respect that. I remember when it was just 'I love this cast so I will watch defiantly in hopes of it getting better.' And it did.

I'm going to assume it's Melinda Clarke's fine acting and *not* my ridiculous stupidity that caused me not to ever make a connection...
I watch Ringer because it's so absolutely ridiculous I just have to see what craziness happens next. But I voted for Community since I watch that because it's good.
Ringer got much better during the last seven or so episodes. The show stopped taking itself as seriously and actually got rather intentionally over the top, guilty pleasure, funny. The season finale was excellent. SMG does an excellent job of playing the twins. Ringer was the only new show of this season that I stuck to watching and enjoyed. I hope Fringe and Community stay on the air. Community has a good chance of staying on the air as it has a solid fanbase and NBC needs all the audience help it can get.
I watched every second of every episode of Ringer (out of loyalty to SMG) and the bad and awful moments far outweighed the good or decent ones (sorry Groo). I think people feel the 2nd half of the season was an improvement because the first half was really bad tv. 2nd half was an improvement, but still lousy. Not as bad as Summer Glau's The Cape, but still bad. Even if it gets renewed I will not watch a second season as it was painful for me to watch 22 episodes this season (though congrats to all involved if it does get renewed).
Community, as the best comedy currently on and one of the best ever gets my vote.
@Five Horizons

I do hope you and Joel Wyman are right. Fringe is down at 6.4% now and maybe that is just because people feel that it's safe.

The important thing for me is that they'll be allowed to wrap up the series in the way that they want. I think a short 13 episode final run should enable them to do that. So if that all we get I'd still be happy.

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