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"I fed off a flower person and I spent six hours watching my hand move."
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April 24 2012

Joss Whedon is our leader now. It's a "window display board designed for the Forbidden Planet Avengers movie/Joss Whedon promotion".

Shiny, but why do these things always have to say now. If he leads us "now," then who lead us before? Joss has been our leader for some time, in many cases. Many of us aren't new to the club. I mean, we're members of fracking Whedonesque itself. Why can't there be designs that say "Joss Whedon is and has always been our leader?" Just a thought.

Also, this is a very nice design.
Like the Joss version but the John Locke one I had as my desktop for ages will always be the best version of that style of image. For Locke truly is our leader! ;)
Nah, I don't need a leader, nor a master! :-)
While I don't feel like he is my leader, I do feel he speaks to and for me in his work. It's absolutely uncanny how he does that. Somehow he paints the pictures I want to see painted and writes the words I want to hear spoken. Every time. It's like my favorite ice cream flavor. It's exactly what I want and it's absolutely delicious EVERY time.

Hmm .... Ice Cream ... I'd love to see Ben and Jerry make a Joss Whedon ice cream flavor. Maybe donate a percentage of the profits to Equality Now. It would be a great excuse to eat a buttload of Ice Cream.
It would have to be flavoured with Marmite or something though (ew, no). Needs a love/hate aspect. ;)

Edit: and when you got to the bottom of the tub you'd find out which character had been cruelly murdered to support your desire for ice-cream.

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I'm on their site suggesting a flavor right now. I Just need a good name for it. Actually ANYONE can suggest a flavor on their site. You know what this means?

Whedon Fans ASSEMBLE!!!!
Go to the Ben and Jerry website and suggest a new flavor for Joss Whedon and Equality Now.

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Imagine how much money Shepard Fairey would have made if people had to pay him royalties.
"The Flavor in the Woods"
Penthos Well, if that's the case...might I suggest maple? You can't go wrong with maple syrup. And since Ben & Jerry's is from Vermont...hello. Real, honest-to-goodness maple syrup, none of that fake colored corn syrup crap.
Shadow That's a GREAT ingredient idea for "The Flavor in the Woods". Unfortunately, I already submitted my suggestion and didn't include any ingredients. So I hope anyone who is inclined to do so, would suggest it be based on Maple.

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What was Joss' favourite pie flavour again? Strawberry rhubarb?
hehe! will be collecting my picture in two weeks, can't wait!
Well he was always a leader. Before that, he was our master. Or ... It's sort of a chicken/egg conundrum thing.
The whole "now" thing goes back to that t-shirt that said "Joss Whedon is my master now" in the Star Wars font, I guess to signify the passing of the sci-fi fandom torch or something. Used out of context like this, it doesn't work.
Charmuse, I'm not sure from your comment if you know this, but it's a paraphrase of a quote from Star Wars - "[The Emperor] is your master now."

I agree that it doesn't quite work here. It's too many steps from the original.
Yes, I knew that, hence the original "Master" being George L is reference to the t-shirt. I apologize, I assume that was implied knowledge. OOPS!
I have no problem accepting Joss as my leader. Joss is boss, after all.

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