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April 24 2012

Exploring the Whedonverse. The Hollywood Reporter takes us inside the cult hero fame of Joss Whedon. "Debates rage in forums, Twitterers spit character quotes, and scenes re-edited in fan videos thrive on YouTube. Leading fan-site is a tireless curator of all news and interviews..."

Added the best quote to your post. ;-)
And I'd say a little bit early for the 10th anniversary of WHedonesque (only a few months ahead) since Caroline set the foundation for this amazing website.

Anyhow, that was a great article from THR.
They link to a fan-produced Dr. Horrible show in Vegas they say hits this May. It only hits in May if this is suddenly 2011 again, because that already happened.

ETA: I appreciate the CSTS shout-out, however.

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Nice article, but the writer seems to skip over the years Whedon worked on the comics, just briefly mentioning comics in general, and saying "Leaving the occult behind, Whedon debuted the space western cult classic Firefly in 2002". And I also think he was still working on Angel as Firefly aired. When did season 7 of Buffy end?
I'm excited to add my first comment, and thought such a broad article might be just the place!

I, like all of you, am a huge Whedon nerd (of justice), and I'm excited to join the party properly after many many years of lurking outside your window. Your proverbial window... Ahem.

First comment! Oh, decent article. I like reading about stuff that I know!
Buffy S7, Angel S4 and Firefly S1 were all on the air at same time, fall 2002. Pop fact, Marti Noxon was having a baby and Tim went to Firefly, so there was some interesting show running going on.
I wouldn't be too concerned about details that only the most observant fans would focus on; this is a really positive article which can only add luster to Joss Whedon's precious quasi-fame (I think that that is how he sung about it in 'Heart Broken' on This American Life). In fact, maybe we'll finally get that star on Walk of Fame for him!

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Speaking of that. Did the money for the Walk of Fame star ever get sorted out and delivered to the entities it was promised to?
How very meta!
I'm pretty sure the money for the Walk of Fame Star wasn't raised & delivered - that only a small portion of the money that would've been required was raised before the site and forum were taken down, and eventually, after questions were asked, we got the only report on that that I was ever aware of here on I don't believe we got all our questions answered, though.

The whole thread is here. I'm not convinced that a different effort now, and better organized wouldn't be more fruitful that this particular past one.

The Reporter article is overall good coverage, although I must go on record as saying that as a Whedonite from Whedonia & twitter user, I have never once "spit" a quote out on twitter, and again, I keep up on my rabies shots.

Nice WHEDONesque mention.
Nice to see the mention of CSTS and the link to the website. I now expect a flood of cities registering screenings.
I'm convinced a different Walk of Fame effort now wouldn't be more fruitful. I think the price tag involved is a significant obstacle and any future fan efforts would be better focused on charities. Unfortunately my local CSTS has shifted to July so I'm not sure I can attend this year.
ETA: I removed my dumb and too quick post. :-)

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Dana5140, although Nathan first tried out for the role of Angel on BtVS, I'm pretty positive he was hired for Mal on Firefly before he ever was considered for Caleb (at the end of BtVS S7, after Firefly was cancelled).
Uh, yeah. Firefly was before all of that Buffy S7 stuff.

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Y'know, come the Avengers, everybody and their brother is going to be calling themself a Whedon fan.
The more the merrier. As long as we don't get another wave that thinks they can get Firefly season 2 I'll welcome them with open arms.
Oh IrrationaliTV, I hope we get millions of new fans who will appreciate Joss' TV shows for the first time and will drive us all nuts w/BtVS shipping wars and campaigns to bring back Firefly!
You mean we can't get Firefly, season 2 out of all this Jossdoration? Oh drat!

Loved the shout outs in this article.
When did Whedonesque first open its doors? I know I was a regular lurker as far back as 2003 and the site already seemed well established prior to that. I finally became a member at the end of 2005. I can't believe it's been that long. Seems like yesterday.

So the Whedonverse is about to explode. Should be interesting. I'm looking forward to the ride :)
Sunfire"...any future fan efforts would be better focused on charities."

Yeah, I'm inclined to agree with that. That's where I want any of my (hah) extra money to go. Always for support for CSTS - and some other causes near to Whedonites' hearts (Kids Need to Read, etc.)

For instance, there's a couple of Browncoats in deep shit - husband Wash is dying of a brain cancer, and wife Tashi is running herself ragged caring for him at home. Any help for them would be deeply appreciated - Jane Espenson has tweeted about them, and so have others in the Whedon'verse. 

ETF: Feh. TypoCon2012.

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Yikes, I think the rest of the world just discovered us. Or you know the rest of the world that reads that article, but you know what I mean. right?

All in all not a too shabby piece of writing, don't think I jumped up and shouted: "Yeah... No, that's not how it happened!" once and that's a good.

I think it's wonderfull and very much well earned too see Mr Whedon get some love all around, but at the same time I also feel a little like our secret clubhouse is about to get raided by newbies. Mostly I'm thrilled though that tomorrow is Avengers day for me. :D
What a nice article. I usually approach these kind of things with some trepidation 'cos as often as not they end up being poorly researched and embarrassingly clueless. But that was definitely one of the good ones.

I won't be seeing Avengers 'till Saturday evening, so I now need to gird myself to resist the temptation of all those spoilery Avengers threads popping up on the front page. Two new Joss films in two weeks, huh, I never thought I'd see the day! :D
When did Whedonesque first open its doors? I know I was a regular lurker as far back as 2003 and the site already seemed well established prior to that. I finally became a member at the end of 2005. I can't believe it's been that long. Seems like yesterday.
JossIzBoss | April 25, 05:14 CET

Well, Whedonesque's 1st ever post dates back to June 29th, 2002.

As Caroline said herself once (or more than once), it's a website that did enter really late into Whedon world of websites, which back then included several well-estabilished Buffy fan-sites, most of which are now gone.

For that matter there's even cool Wikipedia entry for the site. A curious read, especially for outsiders.

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