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April 24 2012

The Avengers opens starting today in (among others) Australia and parts of Europe. Belgium, France, Italy, the Netherlands, New Zealand, the Philippines, Portugal and Taiwan get to see the film starting today. The movie's current IMDb rating is 8.9 and it's 97% fresh according to Rotten Tomatoes.

Lucky people getting to see this before we in the US.
And here I thought I was jumping on the train early, with my midnight open tickets.
Just back from the cinema, still grinning. Can't wait to see it again.
heading off to the cinema in a minute! can't wait!
Australia checking in, saw the 10.30 AM showing with my six-year-old, we both loved it.

In Australia films normally premiere on Thursday but today is a public holiday.
So jelly of you guys! (Jelly = jealous, but sounds much cuter)

We should totally have a non-spoilery reaction thread because I'm dying to read what Whedonesquers thought of the movie. Does it work as a Joss Whedon movie and a tentpole blockbuster? And what was the audience reaction like?
Saw the movie at the Italian preview last night: sleep deprived, but happy and grinning like an idiot.

The movie is certainly Whedon and the audience was laughing together, cheering together and clapping hands at the end (didn't see that since LotR: RotK).

In short: great movie, great cast, good laughs and Hulk is my idol now.
Biggest feedback I need so I can buy my ticket and orchestrate my group: 2D or 3D? My theater has the option for the midnight. I have heard one review mention the 3D, and it was a complaint, so I'm leaning towards 2D. But, I do have about 15 people making their plans based on my choice, so I need to be educated!

Saw the midnight screening last night, can't wait to see it again. The Sunnydale homage at the beginning put at smile on my face. Hulk is perfect. So many favourite parts I can't list em.
@Sigfodr, I saw it in 2D, so can't say anything for or against 3D, sorry.

Definitely very Joss-y -- the humor, the heart, the suspense, some twisted moments, a lot of action - I found it very imaginative visually. I suspect there's much more stuff in the movie that I missed that would mean something to comic book fans.

Certainly left me hungry for more.
Paid 17.20 for the Premiere Screen at Leicester Square's Vue. "Incredible (Digital) 3D" apparently. Better be good, Joss. Better be good.
Going tomorrow night in UK. 3D IMAX.
I saw the midnight session last night and it was absolutely fantastic! I saw it in 3D, I was also debating, I think it's worth it - I'm not a big action movie person but it is nice to feel right in there with the action.

There were lots of really big laughs and the whole theatre was into it - I'm so excited for the rest of the world to find out how awesome Joss is (ok, becoming gushy)

I really want to make spoilery comments but I'm holding back and will wait till it's out elsewhere! I'll just say that no one turns stereotypes of women on their heads like Joss. Blows my mind yet again.

dottikin - I think it definitely has both Joss-awesomeness and works as a "tentpole blockbuster" - the latter did make it have a different tone to tv-Joss-stuff I felt, but while that makes it slightly less appealing to me (you know, on a scale where most everything else barely reaches Joss' ankles), I think that's what will make it appeal to the masses.

Overall, I thought it was totally awesome and worth every one of those two and a half thousand cents!

ps - my first post after stalking whedonesque for years!
Joss Whedon, you magnificent bastard! Best Super-Hero Movie Ever. The script is superb and its beautifully shot. Loved It!!
I saw the film at its Dutch premier on Monday. He delivered.
I'm seeing it tonight too (in 2D... 3D gives me head aches). So excited that I haven't heard a single negative reaction to this film.
Seeing it in a couple of hours! Even a stupid head cold wont stop me.
I saw it in 2d and loved it. bit worried we weren't going to get a ticket because I have never seen a line up like it! I thought it was brilliant. It was laugh out loud funny, moving and action packed (of course).
I thought the 3D was used very well but it's not necessary.
SOOOOO Amazing! That cannot be understated. I'm very, very happy with it. Joss is God for a reason people!
Very nice, indepth, but spoiler free review from Drew McWeeney at hitfix:
The BFI in London still doesn't have digital IMAX, meaning that there is nowhere in London where this film can be seen in IMAX format. I was quite surprised when I discovered this...

So to compromise I am seeing it at the tiny Odeon in Bracknell.
That Hitfix review just gave me chills.
I'm seeing it at the Vue Westfield Saturday night at their "Extreme" screen, which is kind of IMAX lite. It's digital and fantastic screen/sound, but not quite up there with the full on BFI IMAX experience. Decent substitute though, despite there being no 2D option, I have found though investing in a decent pair of 3D glasses offers a substantially superior experience to the generic crap they hand out at the cinema.

Mitholas, yeah, I always thought Drew Mcweeney was the best writer at Aintitcool BITD. He has a love of cinema and films no matter what the genre that really comes over in his reviews and interviews, his is an opinion I always look for and whilst obviously may not always agree with, it's always IMO worth hearing what he has to say.
Less than 9 hours left for me. 3D version also because there wasn't any 2D screening until saturday.
@Crypto I think that "homage" bit may be worthy of a spoiler tag, for future reference.
How about setting up a spoiler tagged comment thread for those of us who have seen it now? (i'm australian by the way).

I mean, you've got one for cabin in the woods, and that hasn't come out here yet :)

The movie is Great by the way... Very funny and joss-ey
The hit fix review was good but I don't agree that it's spoiler free. Kinda wish I hadn't read it.

[ edited by Squishy on 2012-04-25 13:05 ]
Right if you've seen it, go chat about it two entries up.
Thanks for the heads up, Squishy.
@Jack Diamond: the hitfix review has a pretty big plot/character spoiler in the second half of the ninth paragraph. Any chance you could edit your post to not call it spoiler-free? Otherwise, great review though.
Thanks Simon :)
The Avengers premieres friday in Brazil with midnight showings tomorrow. A lot of them are sold out already. I'm watching it saturday on IMAX, which I'm very excited about since I never went to an IMAX theater. I hope it's worth the extra buck.
Sigh. I guess this is where we hang out if we live in a prerelease zone. This next week will be very difficult.
KS, the solution is to fly to one of these countries.
We might get The Avengers a week earlier, but we'll have to wait until August for The Cabin in the Woods :(
Sigfodr, I've entertained the thought. I looked hard for conferences in my industry that would put me in one of those places...
The distribution strategy for this movie still baffles me. I wished I was a fly in the meeting that set the dates, with a lot of international markets getting it a week ahead of the US.

Financially this seems to be working very well for Battleship, which will stretch the difference of its international premiere to the US' to almost 6 weeks I believe.

But I still wonder why not a worldwide release, that has also worked with other movies.

Not that I'm complaining, already have tickets to watch it on IMAX for both Friday and Saturday (it's my compensation for not being able to watch Cabin in the Woods until August 17th), and since we got the International Worker's day on Tuesday, it means I get an extended weekend, so I'll probably be watching more than 2 times during that period.

Maybe for the fact that International Worker's day is a holiday for several countries, but not the US, was an important factor for Disney to set the different premiere dates. Taking advantage for potential bigger crowds internationally, wherever you can get the 4-day weekend, while strategically in the US, May 4th, officially starts the Summer premiere of movies.
I just read an article that pretty much put it down to money: right now, the whole world is a marketplace for Hollywood movies, and rolling it out internationally makes as much sense as opening domestically first.

We are a global marketplace now! yay?
@insistondoubt - Odeon in Bracknell? I used to go there! That or the one in Woking. Nowadays, my town, Camberley, finally has a decent cinema and I shall be seeing Avengers there.

Showings don't start until tomorrow and I'm at a quiz night with work friends, so shall not be able to see it until 19:30 on Friday. Can't wait.

Heard a bizarre review of it last night on the occasionally pompous BBC Radio 4 show Front Row. The guest loved it, but the presenter called it sexist, right wing and thought the dialogue was awful. I can't think of anything further away from Joss than those three things, so I'm taking it with a pinch of salt.
"the presenter called it sexist, right wing and thought the dialogue was awful."

Maybe they accidentally saw this:

I know it's spoilery but can someone tell me what Crypto was referring to with the "Sunnydale homage" thing at the start? I didn't spot anything and have been racking my brains ever since.

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