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April 25 2012

(SPOILER) Discuss Angel & Faith #9. It's the final part of the "Daddy Issues" arc.

Mind is blown. OMG. SO AMAZING.

Will comment later with my thoughts once I can form any. :D
Another fantastic issue of Angel and Faith. It makes me even more sad that the Drusilla mini isn't coming right away, because I'd really like to see how she handles being crazy again. Will she be able to stick to Harmony's rules or will she go on a killing spree? My only minor disappointment with the issue is that Faith reverted back to "normal" so quickly. I would have like to have seen Faith operate for a little while without her trauma and see how it impacts her as a character. Very interested to see where the Giles storyline goes; If Angel collects Giles soul, how is he going to get his (or any) body to house that soul?
The summary of the issue can be found here
for anyone that may be interested.
So good. SO SO good. I feel so bad for the Buffy fans that aren't reading the comics cause the development that these characters are getting is so amazing.... This is the best moment for Drusilla's character, PERIOD. Christos Gage's dialogue rivals even the best tv writers from the show. Rebekah Isaac's art is so good it makes me feel like I'm literally watching an episode. Whoever isn't reading this, NEEDS to. NOW.
I have my copy of Angel & Faith # 9,"Daddy Issues Part IV of IV."

This issue was good as was the arc as a whole.First,the art by Rebekah Isaacs was great as usual.

The Ange/Faith stuff is golden.I especially love the flashback to the episode,"Five By Five."I thought this issue was classic Angel and Faith.Also loved how she revealed she knows Angel is collecting Giles soul.I'm surprised she's now fully on board though.

The Dru stuff was great but truth to be told,I'm a little disappointed she didn't stay sane.I really didn't expect she would though but I was hoping it would last a little longer into the Dru miniseries anyway(which would be moot now).Making her insane again feels like a step back and revert to status quo although i sort of get why they did it.Part of what makes Dru who she is is her insanity but still.

I'm disappointed Dru miniseries is on hold and might be dead because I was interested seeing where they went there and seeing more of her this season.

Her visions though have me very intrigued with her,"It's Coming!"

I'm also surprised we didn't see Faith's father one more time in this arc.That feels a little anti climatic.I guess I was expecting a little capper there but in retrospect,I guess it wasn't really necessary after last issue.

Overall, though,I really enjoyed this arc.
My comic shop doesn't have it yet. I went to pick it up today, but apparently there was some shipping mix-up and Texas comic shops won't get this until Friday. Sadface.
Apparently there was a delivery truck accident or something, so my store (in Texas) won't be getting their books until tomorrow afternoon. Boo!
Oh well, hope nobody was badly hurt in that accident.
Good issue, although things wrapped up a little too easily for my liking. I'd have liked to see more of what a sane version of Dru was capable of before she reverted back to her old self. Didn't miss Faith's dad at all. Hopefully his story is told now because I have zero interest in seeing him again.

As much as I enjoyed this arc, I'm kinda glad it's over. Been looking forward to the next arc for quite a while!
Now, I liked the final issue of this arc better than A&F #4 finale, maybe because I did not have any inflated expectations for the arc, so I won’t be complaining that it was anticlimactic. There is an appropriate amount of drama here, as well as action and some character interaction cuteness. Still, when I tried to ask myself why was not I completely blown away – as I honestly wanted to be – I would have to answer that there was simply not enough ironic context in the story, that I have come in the past to expect from Angel series. Logically, I understand that with characters in their current situation there is only so much humor – dark or otherwise colored – the writer can put in – and yet it is what makes the whole A&F adventure somewhat less enjoyable ( to me anyway) than it could have been.
There are a lot or repetition and replay of the old themes, which is all good and solid, considering that the writer is a newcomer to the verse, and is trying really hard to stay true to the characters’ voices. And yet, even if you go directly to the scripts of the episodes referenced in this particular issue (and yes, I know it is unfair to bring up something as spectacular as Five by Five or even Redefinitions) you notice that the Daddy Issues arc takes itself way too seriously, while not adding much new development to the characters in play, and in the end reversing their current state to what it was beforehand. One might even ask – what was the point of the whole exercise – only to answer that perhaps it was in reminding the audience that nothing is perfect or even solid with Faith’s newly found confidence, and that she is still haunted by dark shadows of the past. In itself, that was not a bad choice of a story for her, but I am still wondering how much more drama and emotional content could have been produced from more direct interaction between Dru and Faith – where they to try and compare notes on their respective transformations caused by Angel’s actions in the past ?
Action sequences were very well written in this issue, and the art is stellar. And I definitely prefer Drusilla as her mystical Seer self, so I was not unhappy with that development.
IMHO, Faith figuring out what Angel's plan is RE: Giles' soul fragment collection is a bit far-fetched, and clearly was a shortcut. I enjoyed the confrontation between Angel and Dru part the most - as well as her personal take on his 'problem' of torturing himself with empathy.
I will try to do a more detailed analysis of that part later perhaps.
I thought the arc as a whole went a little too quickly, but other than that I enjoyed it. This just felt like something that would have worked better as a subplot running underneath the main storyline, then coming to a head later. Maybe leaving Dru sane a little longer as well, just to see what she could do when the crazy was gone but the vamp was still in control. Honestly, that's what I thought the mini was going to be about.
Did I misunderstand something, or was Faith's Dad scouting out her place for something in part 2 of the arc that we've yet to see? There was the bit about him supposedly running from the ridiculous gang, but he was talking with someone after he'd reconnected with Faith and I just assumed that would be followed up on...
Drusilla saying "the places you'll go" linked to Faith's opening lines in No future for you and her recollections of her upbringing by her mother.
Issue well executed, not stellar, but satisfying. The interaction between Angel and Faith is great, as always. I love, love how they support each other and the harshness that sometimes exists between them. They are not so simple people but utterly damaged people, after all.

Angel's path is always painful, isn't it? He can save people's lives or minds but his deeds and victories are always blurred.

I absolutely don't like his attempt to resurrect Giles and his piercing makes me shudder.
Hey all.
Just wanted to drop a note to say that I'm still taking questions for the SlayAlive Q&A with Rebekah Isaacs. :)
I love evrything about Angel, but I have not been thrilled with this storyline. I want Angel back saving lives and kicking ass!

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