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April 25 2012

(SPOILER) Interview with Dark Horse's Scott Allie. A lot of it is about BPRD but there is some good chunks about Buffy as well including spoilerish stuff for next issue and bits going forward.

I like the look at the behind the scenes logistics here. There's a lot of fan speculation about stuff that I expect just comes down to really mundane problems like writer schedules.

With the Buffy-verse, Season 9 will be 25 issues long, which wraps up in June of 2013, after which we will take a break, and then start Season 10.

Huh. I hadn't realized there was going to be a Season 10.
I think Joss announced season 10 a little while back, Sunfire. Can't recall exactly where though.
Scott mentioned it a couple years back in one of his Slayalive Q&As from what I recall.
It doesn't surprise me that I missed it or forgot about it. I'd seen a a reference to it somewhere else recently and thought huh, is that legit...? but never looked it up.
Scott mentions that Buffy doesn't like Andrew very much. I never really thought that was the case, particularly after Season 8. I get that he's kind of annoying, so maybe that's what he was alluding to?
I think Scott mentioned season 10 during a Dark Horse panel too. SDCC 2011 maybe? Whenever it was, it's definitely happening. I wonder if there will still be an Angel & Faith book or if a new sister title might be on the cards for the next run?

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