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February 03 2004

Angel, Season 5 premiere 'Conviction' to air Wednesday, February 11 at 10:30pm on Channel Seven in Australia. Link goes to the magazine's website - details obtained from recent issue of TV Week.

The posting of TV schedules isn't really what we're looking for at Whedonesque. That's why I deleted your other post.
Ooh, finally! Now I can stop reading spoilers.
That's not really fair for people for can't find when their favourite shows are airing, particularly in Australia, when shows like Buffy and Angel are shoved to late night timeslots and constantly jostled around.

When and what time a show is airing still counts as news.
I certainly didn't know about it before I read it here.
Shall I start posting TV schedules for The Netherlands, Belgium and Nepal? Sorry, Thomas - we don't think it's worthy of a frontpage post here at Whedonesque.

A more interesting link would be to a resource where you can find TV schedules for all countries, for example.
In this case, I am very glad it was posted here, otherwise I would have missed it. Agreeing with Thomas, Channel 7 has no respect for a show like Angel, and for that matter, its viewers. Countless emails resulted in no response, and I doubt the new season will even be advertised. Thanx Thomas.
I understand there is a need for some editing at Whedonesque and that certain items shouldn't be posted. But many, many people do not know HOW to access such schedules and by posting such links, it's helping them to do so.

The World Calendar doesn't exist anymore - the only worldwide TV schedule I know of for Buffy and Angel - so people can't easily access schedules. In light of Buffy's finale, I'm sure there are many people who would like to go back and revisit old episodes they haven't seen, but do not wish to buy the DVDs. Just letting them know when they're airing helps them to do that.
There is in fact a great such resource: GEOS. I think it's useful enough to deserve a dedicated story.
"I understand there is a need for some editing at Whedonesque and that certain items shouldn't be posted."

Good! And TV schedules is one of them.
Well, sorry for wanting to help other fans out. Never knew it was such a crime.
Thomas, give it up. There's no need to talk back and be catty.

You cannot always have things your way, especially not on someone else's website. Deal with it.
I wasn't the one being catty:

"Good! And TV schedules is one of them."

And I resent the your implication that I'm selfish. I'm not trying to be - I'm merely trying to help.

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