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April 25 2012

Streets collapsing in D.C. - residents worry its due to potential Hellmouth. News article lists "hellmouth" as potential cause for street collapsing in the nation's capital. Here's hoping D.C. doesn't join the likes of Sunnydale and Cleveland.

Oh man I hope this post gets to stay up...hilarious!

I think it would have been even better if the size of the hole was reported as "five by five" instead of, "appears to be about four feet by five feet in dimension."
Hellmouth for Gachnar maybe, it's tiny.
Hellmouth for Gachnar maybe, it's tiny.

Well, THAT had me LOL.
I always thought politicians were evil. Now I have my proof.

And, Simon, it's deceptively small. I'm sure underneath is a 400+ year-old vampire plotting to take over the nation, as soon as he break loose of the spell that has him imprisoned.
DCist is good for pop culture references. D.C. Alerts is not good for much at all except the occasional hilarity out of context.

There was a fireball that shot out of one of the manholes in a recent summer past. That was kinda hellish.
This reminds me of a Buffy/West Wing crossover fic I read where The Mayor ended up becoming the Secretary of Agriculture.
Huh, guess they left out the caption of "Actual Size"...
C'mon - don't taunt DCist.
Znachki Why? Can they hurt us?
No, it's just tacky...
I think they can take it. They liked Cabin, by the way.
But Sunfire - you know we had to go there.
Well it is called 'Foggy Bottom' for a reason (it is built on a swamp) but I guess built on a Hell Mouth just sounds cooler... and more on the nose.

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