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April 25 2012

Seth Green's Robot Chicken to take on DC Superheroes. The project will include voice work from Neil Patrick Harris and Nathan Fillion.

Interesting, in part because DC banned Robot Chicken's print-media forerunner, Twisted Toyfare Theater, from using its characters shortly into its existence. Must be quite an understanding they've reached, especially if they can use veteran DC voiceover talent like Nathan. I'm more of a Marvel guy overall, but I'll still keep an eye out. Thanks for the head's up!
Nathan Fillion has done voice work on Robot Chicken in the past. I agree with the commenters on that site - This really isn't news of the special, because they've skewed Teen Titans and the Justice League in a few memorable sketches on Robot Chicken over the years. Breckin Meyers Superman is hilarious. I think being on Cartoon Network (owned by Turner/WB) freed up licensing issues that Twisted Toyfare Theater was unable to do. It also explains why the Spider-Man Mego doll was such a mainstay of Twisted Toyfare Theater... And I just forgot how much I missed Twisted Toyfare Theater - one of the only reasons I would buy Toyfare magazine.

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