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April 25 2012

Ain't It Cool News interviews Joss on The Avengers. No real spoilers, Joss' desire to do a future big screen musical briefly discussed.

Good interview with Joss. Starting to feel like I'm one of the last people on the internet to have not seen the movie though lol.
I love His Purpleness. Most writer-directors would be thinking about what gigantic, unlikely project they could parlay their mainstream success into (i.e. Andrew Stanton got to make John Carter because of his Pixar smashes), and instead Joss is like, "ehhh, I've no trust in the machinery" and is pondering a return to the small indie aesthetic he was settling into before Marvel came knocking.

Whedon: I donít have like, ďHere you go, studios!Ē (Mimes handing over a screenplay) I have a lot of ideas about dream projects, and I havenít landed on the idea of if thereís one Iíd like to parlay this particular moment into. Ultimately, thereís no such thing as a track record. People are still going to be looking over your shoulder. The freedom that Iíve had doing things like DR. HORRIBLE and MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING is like a drug. Itís very hard to imagine to not going back to some of that.
I didn't think Joss could cement himself more as so, so knowledgeable about the arts, but honing in on Jerome Robbins as an artistic icon about takes my breath away (I don't remember reading this before). There have been other great choreographers in film and Broadway history, such as Agnes de Mille, Bob Fosse, but can Robbins' vision of West Side Story every really be topped (not to mention all the shows he worked on before that)? I think it can only aspired to.

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