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April 25 2012

The Avengers premieres on General Hospital. The main link goes to an interview with Jason Cook about going to the LA premiere and his character on GH going to an early screening. There is also an interview with Bradford Anderson, whose character also attends the screening.

If anyone would like to watch the episode where Matt (Cook) and Spinelli (Anderson) go to the screening, the full General Hospital episode, including those scenes, are here and part 2 is here. Although, the characters basically just discuss their favorite Avengers while standing in front of several movie posters of the film.

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To date, I still think Bones has had the best attempt at integrating a film advertisement into an episode, with the nerdy guys all revved up to see Avatar.

But I digress. AVENGERS PRESS! (Rhyme not entirely coincidental.)
I thought that shameless Avatar bit in Bones was the most disgracefully in your face product placement I had ever seen. I stopped watching after that come to think of it.
I kind of dig product placement like that. It *should* be in your face. I love that Chuck had Subways a lot, and now Community does. If they were completely serious shows, I might have a problem. Bones and Chuck aren't though.
Heh, I actually watch GH but am quite a bit behind... It hasn't been as 'good' lately as it used to be, but now I have something to look forward to. I can totally imagine Spinelli geeking out about this... <3
I don't watch GH, so I can't comment on the fit, but when peoduct placement is organic, I don't really mind it. My geek friends & I were talking about Avatar nonstop for a brief time, so it wasn't jarring to me that the squints did the same. It just seemed natural. If they were doing the same over a rom-com, I would've had an issue.
It's disingenuous to imply that you can't sell something on the side & retain your integrity. We all do it every day. In mass media, if they base product placement decisions on their characters & those characters' reality, it not only gives them more money to make the stories that we love, but it can even help ground the content in the real world.
Heh also, Jason Cook comparing soaps and comic books made me chuckle quite a bit.

I didn't have a problem with the Avatar bit in Bones, but the episode-before-last had an overly long placement for Sweets' new car and that sort of product placement bothers me. I wasn't a fan of the Subway stuff in Chuck, but I fully accepted it, because I know Subway did a lot to help keep the show on (though in retrospect, am I really that happy about that? Hrm...) And with the Subway stuff on Community it's being played so hillariously well into the story that it works... so... I guess what I'm saying is product placement can be hit-or-miss for me very much depending on how it's done >.<


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