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April 25 2012

The Avengers smashes international box office records. The blockbuster earned almost $8 million from just the three countries during day one. ETA: Deadline quotes as saying the movie "is pre-selling more tickets for the upcoming release [in the US] than the online ticketing company sold for Captain America, Thor, Iron Man 2, and Iron Man combined at the same point in the sales cycle for each film".

It obviously didn't hurt that it was a national public holiday here in Australia and in New Zealand (ANZAC Day)

I went last night and the cinema was absolutely packed
If you're like me and don't follow international box office numbers all the time, $6 million in Australia seems very low....but Australia has a population of roughly 22 million people so $6 million actually isn't very low at all. For comparison, the United States has roughly 313 million people.
I'm betting it's gonna demolish Spiderman 3 AND Dark Knight domestically.
Great to hear about it's early impressive earnings!

Just so no one get's confused (it's likely I'm the only one anyway), do you mean Amazing Spiderman and Dark Knight Rises, which come out this summer? The movies you mentioned came out years ago, and SM3 doesn't really compare to DK on earnings anyway.

It would be truly impressive if Avengers beat out DKR in the box office. I don't think it will, certainly not enough to say it would "demolish" DKR, but Avengers is definitely going to do extremely well regardless, and that's pretty awesome.
Just for comparison, last year Thor earned $5.7M in Australia in the opening weekend, also in April. So, it's looking healthy.
Very curious to see how this does against TDKR (not really all that concerned with Spidey 4, or {1}, or whatever it is--should've just given him a cameo in this and relaunched it via Marvel even though I know that makes no sense from a rights standpoint). TDKR will probably be pretty solid in its own right but there can't help but be some letdown effect with it being the third in the trilogy, no Joker, etc. It's totally inconsequential of course but you can't help but make the comparison, and the killer reviews and buzz The Avengers has can't help but make it the most successful Marvel Studios flick yet.
I went yesterday in Aus on our public holiday and I have NEVER seen that many people in a cinema foyer! Was so glad I'd pre-booked...
It's great and I will definitely be seeing it again. Looking forward to 2D though. 3D isn't my preference.
The screenings in Liverpool tonight are already sold out - on prebookings. Never seen that before. Crazy.
The screening I went to hadn't sold out completely, but it was pretty packed. So much laughter and awe though, so I don't doubt they'll all tell their friends to go. And so it begins. Hope it makes a billion.

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Last time I saw sold out screenings on this scale was for Independence Day.
Feedback on Twitter is almost uniform positivity, too. CinemaScore A, methinks.
In Italy Avngers was first with 2.3 millions EURO on the first day (Yesterday was a national holiday)

Not a record (just shy of Spiderman 3 opening day) but to put in prospective it's vay over the optimistic projections of 1.8 millions.
Feedback on Twitter is almost uniform positivity, too. CinemaScore A, methinks.

Well, less controversial than "The Cabin in the Woods" then, which by the way I haven't seen yet.

Anyway, lot's of other (non-US) markets are about to premiere it too on the more traditional Friday release, it could be a matter of only a few hours, considering how timezone works.

It'll be really interesting to watch as the BO results for this comes out on Monday.
Yeah, UK opens today. That is one of the biggest markets.
I just have one question... Was it better than JJ's Star Trek?
Hey Penthos, do you mean better, in terms of money making, or quality?

Quality-wise i probably like them pretty equally... Maybe the avengers slightly more
The link is updated with US pre-ticket sales info so I added that news to the entry.
Now that origins are out of the way and they have numerous heroes on the screen at the same time, you draw more and more fans to the movie theater. There are Captain America fans who didn't go see Thor, or Iron Man fans who didn't catch the Incredible Hulk. Throwing five big name heroes in the same movie (and getting amazingly good word of mouth from early reviews), this film could really give Dark Knight Rises a run for box office returns.
And this is just the beginning. And who does deserve it more than Mr Joss Whedon, that huge box office success after all his artistic achievements. I'm so glad that this is really happening. :-)
Going to see it opening day in the US, and I literally cannot wait. I want a time machine just to see this. Of course, a plane ticket would make a lot more sense, but leave me alone! All the buildup is driving me batty!
Going to be at midnight showings in the US next Thursday. So this is just getting me more pumped.

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