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April 25 2012

(SPOILER) Watch the full press conference for the Avengers. Super Hero Hype has over 50 minutes of footage from a recent press conference featuring Joss and the cast of The Avengers.

I don't know if this would be at all convenient, but if one of the mods could create a collection page for all the spoilery Avengers stuff that comes out over the course of the next week, (and link to it from the Sitch sidebar,) that'd be a nice way for U.S. viewers to catch up on the coverage once we've seen the movie itself.
Where's Whedon, String??! WHERE'S WHEDON??!
Yeah, I think that this is too spoilery for me, but my plan is to go back to the archives (after I've seen the film) and check out some of these threads (easy to spot because they are all marked (SPOILER) in red).
I'm just making a bookmarks folder of all the spoilery threads and links. I have one for Cabin in the Woods, too, as I still haven't seen that.
It's too hard trying to avoid spoilers. I skipped all CitW trailers and spoiler marked threads, but still got spoiled for that. I think I'm just going to not worry about it this time and enjoy the Avengers articles/interviews as they come.
Mercenary, if you click on the 'The Avengers' category it will take you to all the coverage.
Ah, fair enough. And it'd be incredibly lazy for me to complain about having to distinguish between the posts that have / lack the giant red SPOILER tag in that listing.

Thanks, Simon; wasn't really thinking on my feet, there.
I loved listening to this cast reminisce about making the movies. Lots of spoilers in here, but lots of cool stuff as well.

My biggest Joss related take-away was hearing RDJ description of how perfectly the tone was captured in the film. On the other side of the spectrum, Samuel L. Jackson seems honestly annoyed that Joss acted like the "line police" to him all the time.

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