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February 04 2004

(SPOILER) Angel 100th Episode. "On the eve of Angel's 100th episode, the cast members and their main man, Joss Whedon, fill you in on what you can expect."

Nice little interviews especially Charisma's though their main man Joss Whedon is nowhere to be found. Where oh where have The Wb hid him?
Ha ha ha, don't kill the messenger. I'm just copying and pasting what was in the latest e-newsletter.
well, CC's little snippet is NOT very thinly veiled, is it?
great little interviews, interesting on how DB wants angel to end lol.
Is Charisma's clip spoilerish in a way? She does say something about 'goodbyes'. Just asking. :)

Anyway, where's Alexis?
I slapped the "Spoiler" tag on there for those fans who want to remain *completely* spoiler-free, even about Cordy coming back. Otherwise, they're going to think it's odd that Charisma's been interviewed, unless they put two and two together and realize she is back, at least for one episode.

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