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April 25 2012

Hijinks Ensue on Joss' previous TV experiences. Just thinking about this very thing yesterday.

Ha! Nothing needs saving nohow. Ain't it grand?

Congratulation to Joss, who has been owed these high-flying days for a while now. May they taste good.
Save The Avengers never really took off for some reason.
I'm not sure why Save the Avengers never took off. We were outraged when they showed Firefly out of order. I hear the planis to show the same 2 hour pilot of Avengers over and over week after week without showing an episode 2 anytime in 2012 or even 2013! We'll have to wait until at least 2014!

I'm packaging up my Quinjet to send to Fox right now.
I read somewhere that (Marvel's) The Avengers opens next week.
Given the scarcity of marketing, we need to start a grass-roots internet awareness campaign. Maybe if enough people see it, Joss will get to make a sequel. (Yes, that's wishful thinking.)
The Avengers - - is that the one he shot at his house over a weekend or something? Are we marching? Mailing trees?

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