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April 26 2012

"This is the silliest movie I've ever made" - a Joss Whedon interview. This is the unedited, unpaywalled version of the interview that appeared in the Sunday Times a couple of weeks ago.


"Honestly, I’ve never felt like such a stud in my life,” he laughs.

Dude. Cracked me up.
“It means I’m lucky in that [Avengers] isn’t a means to an end. If I never make another giant movie, I won’t be filled with remorse.”

SO MUCH LOVE. I mean really, a lot of filmmakers in Joss's shoes would be thinking how to leverage The Avengers into their next gigantic film, but Joss is smart enough (and bruised by the system) to know that he can make beautiful things when he has all the money and also when he has none of the money.

Gotta admit, as a fan of the man for so long, the success of The Avengers feels like sweet vindication. And if he goes on to make odd beautiful things for the Internet and or maybe HBO (I might explode from glee), while taking the occasional giant tentpole movie at will, I will be so, so happy.
I so love how Joss goes on and on and on. He always does what he loves, no matter the obstacles they put in his way. And we walk with him. Always and forever.
Hoo-boy, a bit of a discussion of torture porn and its role in inspiring CitW...

Good read!

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Heh yes, I was thinking that too. But yeah, that was an enjoyable read. I kind of don't expect Joss to be continuously successful - he'll use success as a springboard to tell the next difficult story that people will walk away from - but it's lovely that he is at the moment.
I think he should be able to do both. He's obviously respected there very much, so I imagine (unless people like Kevin Feige leaves) he is in good stead if he wants to do a superhero film inbetween little internet musicals and dark and depressing apocalypse stories.
I don't know what they're doing to advertise Avengers in the U.K., but if it doesn't include a mashup ad with Tony Stark as Steed and Black Widow as Emma Peel, they're doing it wrong.
Heh. They're not doing that.
I'd never heard the "Tara = curse" theory before. And at the risk of thread-derailment, I'm glad he sees that adding Amber's name to the credits in that episode was a bad move. Had he pulled it off back in the pilot with Jesse, hilarious. With much-beloved Tara? Dick move, indeed.

The bit where he rants about "Saw" and then realizes that Lionsgate made those was hilarious...
..."I have this terrible reputation for killing people not just because I killed Tara, but because I was such a dick about it"...

Ha! but also: word.
For those interested, I got the reporter, in the comments, to flesh out the reference to Goners in this piece. I then tried to put it in context as far as that project's development history.
Geez. Holy jeezum hell, b!X - somehow I was completely under the impression that Goners got stalled in Re-write Hell, but:

"“After I made SERENITY, I had GONERS set up at the studio. Mary, who’d basically produced SERENITY when she was working at Universal, had bought it. Everything was in place. And the new people just completely shit-canned it. And I wasn’t ready for that.”

Damn, that must've been harsh. "Everything was in place..." - so: casting, then, too. Oy. Good catch & good digging, b!X - I'd really mis-read "was shutdown on the verge of production..." as a bit of hyperbole.

Yeah, I haven't forgotten Mia either... I hope Joss is interested & able to re-visit her, should Universal ever: #FREEGONERS
I don't believe everything was actually in place. Certainly not casting. Joss' distressed moan at progress was in December 2007. Mary left in March 2008. I think it's more likely an expression of the fact that Mary and Scott did want to do it, and intended to (notwithstanding all the rewriting), but then...

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Among the many good things if "Avengers" is a success - the residuals alone may give Joss Whedon the personal income to make whatever he wants and still send his kids to university :)

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