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April 26 2012

(SPOILER) Why "Cabin in the Woods" is awesome. Spoilers abound, but the Mary Sue's Jamie Frevele nails what makes this movie work. On the other hand, Joey Comeau (of the webcomic "a softer world") doesn't think that Cabin is a horror movie.

Okay, this is very funny, she links Joss' threat to those who have seen CitW and must not spoil it. I hadn't seen that and it is wonderful (and I totally wish I HAD spoiled people so that Joss would have come to my house to mock me!) :(. I would enjoy being mocked by someone who really knows how to do it well).

BTW (digression coming up) CitW is coming to my small town in Iowa! I saw it in Iowa City and in Ottumwa, but now it will actually be in town! Woo Hoo! (/sorry about digression).
I've combined the two entries together.
Without spoiling me, could anyone tell me how much of a horror movie it really is? I'm trying to convice my girlfriend to go see it. She loves horror movies, but only psychological/suspense horror or gore (she loved Saw), but she hates movies with sudden scares that has you jump in your seat (Halloween, Scream, etc).

Does CitW feature much of those moments? Thanks for the help!
Honestly I can only remember 1 blatant sudden scare moment, and it happens fairly early in the movie. There may be more but just the one that I feel was done purely for making you jump.
I jumped once or twice, but it's not over the top with it - I'm very easily scared. I think if she's okay with suspense and gore, she'll have no problems at all.
However, if she's expecting Saw-type horror, she'll be sorely disappointed. :)
@allycat: I would say, given the structure of the movie, that horror moments are pretty well "forecasted." Maybe one or two things generally surprised me (and even then I'd been spoiled by the trailer). Those forecasts really deflated the possible horror-ness for me. But it's hard to be certain based on'll just have to take the risk and bring her to see it. ;)
The best part about this review (and it is a good one) is the caliber of the comments. Very open and honest and thought-provoking, not so much with the haters and the stupid.

Very fun read.
Thanks for adding in that Joey Comeau article, that was a fun read. His observations are interesting and his metaphors strong. I especially liked:
It is dressed like a horror movie, and when people ask what it does for a living, it tells them, "I'm a horror movie."
Funny yet apt (IMO).
Yup. And then it smiles enticingly at them to distract them while a monster sneaks up behind them to eat their brains.
I think that horror and comedy come from the same place - the unexpected. Cabin melds them well.

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