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April 26 2012

(SPOILER) CBR's Behind Buffy S9 feature for the Angel & Faith "Daddy Issues" arc. CBR discusses the arc with Christos Gage. Some spoilers for the next arc are in there.

At the end of the interview they also talk a bit a bout next issue's stand alone issue and include two uncolored pages that I think were released already a while back.

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It always amazes me how thorough these interviews are.
I think there is a new spoiler for the next arc in there.

I can't remember if that's been mentioned before in other interviews.

Unless, Buffyfantic, this is the way that
Five Horizons,that's something I hadn't thought of but you could be right.
I really enjoy reading these. Gage seems to have a great understanding of Angel's heroic qualities and flaws. It was interesting to have him lay out some of the subtext about Angel's desire to feel pain.
I thought Holtz's daughter was the first vampire created by Angel. Or Penn (wasn't he some sort of a puritan?)
Ya Drusilla wasn't the first vamp he sired.
Does Angel have a nipple ring?

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