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April 26 2012

(SPOILER) Aubrey Plaza re-enacts classic Buffy scene. The Parks and Recreations star re-enacts a Buffy and Angel scene from "Graduation Day, Part 2" for Michael Ausiello's spoiler show (clip begins at 3:50 mark). There may be some Parks and Recs spoilers.

I am married to this lady.

In my fan boy dreams.
Eh, I'm not feeling her as Buffy. The scene has more chemistry than anything in the Twilight movies, but, uh...
Seriously, she SHOULD know about Buffy, starting with the movie. Imagine her shock when she finds out Pee Wee Herman was once a vampire. Then we can have her as a female Xander or something once a proper spinoff is made.

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That was amazing, I cracked up so much. Of course I had to skip past the spoiler part since I'm a huge Parks and Rec fan, but yeah, totally awesome.
"No means no." Hahahaha.
I wish the video is still available but I didn't know I could think Ms. Plaza could be any more awesome.
Is this real life?

I'm geeking out to the third power. It's a convergence of all I love.
She could be more awesome if she watched Buffy.

But that was pretty great. Why aren't we friends and/or lovers?
That was hilarious. I love her.

And her new time travel movie has Kristen Bell in it? Awesomesauce.
I think she was being sarcastic when she said she never watched Buffy.

She is brilliant. And I agree, I'd love to see April and Andy raise a child. It'd be hillarious.
Maaaan, she is funny. "I'm sick of talking about Faith, OKAY!?" I didn't read her as sarcastic when she said she's never watched Buffy though. I think that's just how she talks.

"Champion grows a fourth leg."
What gossi said.

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