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April 27 2012

Sarah Michelle Gellar is pregnant! She and Freddie Prinze Jr. will have a second child.

Congrats to the whole family!

Congratulation to them.
This is great news for Sarah. I wonder if it could be twins, like her character on Ringer?
Future casting for B:TNG -- (Buffy: The Next Generation) -- coming to your TV [if TV still exists bt then] in 2028.
Wow, congrats! It's strange to think of Buffy having a second kid, wow.
Wishing you and Freddie health and happiness.
Wow, congrats to the beautiful couple! Their daughter is absolutely adorable, maybe a cute little boy is in store for them next. :)

I love how she and Aly are pregnant around the same time again. :)
So happy for them!!!!! (:
I don't know why I'm ridiculously excited for them, maybe it's because they seem like they're awesome parents, but I just am, okay. Congrats to the happy couple!!!
Congrats :) Those will be some good looking kids.
Are we sure she's not just a robot?

(Barry, I laughed, then felt bad. I hope you're proud. :D )
Can you say "jumping the gun"? She kills her goldfish.
I am SO IMPRESSED that Sarah had the good sense to give her child a normal human name. "Charlotte Grace". Beautiful, classic. None of this Bingham, Apple, Honor, Blue, Coco, Ocean, Kal-El nonsense....
@WhatsAStevedor, what, you think Penn made a bad choice naming his daughter Moxie Crimefighter? lol :)
krissyjump, WhatsAStevedore Don't forget the whole Zappa family. I just don't get it. It's hard enough being the child of someone famous. How come the parents have to saddle the poor kid with a ridiculous name on top of that?

If I would have ever had children, they would have been Alexander Scott and Veronica Lyn.

Congratulations to Sarah and Freddie, and also to Aly & Alexis.
Aw, so happy for the 3 of them! God bless the child.
Congrats! So happy for them!
Wonderful news! Congratulations to Sarah and Freddie!
The mommy lottery has two winners--congratulations to all!
Awesome! Congrats.
Congrats to Sarah and Freddie and big sister Charlotte!
now alyson hannigan little one that's due will have a playmate!
Congratulations to them both! Happy news :)

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