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April 26 2012

(SPOILER) Supernatural's Felicia Day: Fangirl Charlie Was Tailor-Made for Me. Felicia Day discusses her upcoming role on Supernatural.

Really hope she survives. Supernatural too cruel.
Looking forward to watching this a great deal! Felicia on anything is good but on one of my top five shows? Can't go wrong!
@Weklim, ugh you're right. I'm going to watch her die aren't I? I suppose SPN is to female death as the Whedonverse is to love's demise.

But I'll watch.
Another article from TVline (sorry, can't get the clicky thing to work):

Seriously. Quite a bit harder, this.
She's gonna make it guys! I have faith now. I'm making the call right now.
Whoo Hoo! Felicia was awesome.
XD She's the little sister Dean never wanted to have LOL I thought Sammy was the little sister Dean never wanted to have ;p

Cas next episode ? Y/Y? Please be good. Only 2 eps til traditional cliffhanger. *gulp*
Just a wee bit nervous for Cas. I want to watch, but will have to do so with my hands covering my eyes. I'll take peaks.

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