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April 26 2012

Joss gets a mention in an otherwise sad XKCD comic. XKCD graphs the causes of his emotions over the last six years. Before his fiancee was diagnosed with cancer, she's doing well by the way, back in ought six, Mr. Whedon caused quite a stir. My guess would be Serenity.

Of course, my heart goes out to them.
Well that was a downer. Hope everything goes well for them...
Any chance the title and text could be changed to have the C and D in XKCD in the right order? It's just hurting my eyes a little... (edit: Thanks!)

But yeah, a sad graph but obviously true given some of his previous posts. I think the one he did on survival chances is the saddest. Somehow the correct visual representation of statistical chances makes all the difference.

Oh - but yay Joss! Ahem. (Hopefully the amount of Joss Whedon stuff coming out at present also bodes well for a return to normality.)

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The one on survival chances immediately came to mind. Very sobering comic.

Yeah, Randall Munroe is a big Firefly fan. See the archives for the relevant comics.
I found the strip to be grim but hopeful -- she's doing well, as he says, and cancer's share of his emotions is decreasing.

But I also admit that it was grim enough I completely missed the Joss reference when I read it this morning.
That was moving. A very evocative and original 'comic'. Thanks for linking it Kaiuno.
My pleasure embers, it's worth it stopping over there twice a week if you're a geek. Also if you're not.

Sorry 'bout spelling it XKDC, Skittledog. I've been following Randall for years now and it seems my dyslexia has gotten the better of me for all that time.
Always been one of my favorite webcomics. A friend of mine died of breast cancer at 26, so I understand and can relate. Glad to hear things are going better, and hey, CRAPLOADS of Whedon stuff this year!
No worries, kaiuno, I'm just one of those people who's incredibly anal about spelling due to never having had problems with it. :) Since he apparently picked 'xkcd' purely to be unpronounceable, 'xkdc' would do just as well really...
This brings a lot back. My sister was diagnosed with a brain tumor that... statistically you're not likely to be alive two years later. For added emphasis, the same day, one of the family dogs died unexpectedly. And the same day, as it happens, Halloween, Dollhouse was first announced... and I remember feeling just momentarily happy and then angry as all hell at myself for being happy about a TV show in the midst of everything else.

After that there was a lot of alternating hopeful and depressing news and a whole lot of frustration trying to get a picture of what was actually happening and how the prognosis was changing with mixed and incomplete information fed back from the doctors through relatives (the "survival chances" link is so on the button). I think there's a denial because until towards the end, to look at her, you'd never have known she was sick. Each bit of good news gets taken to mean that she's part of the small minority that beats it - because it's my sister and she always lands on her feet somehow, but ultimately, the statistics weren't wrong.

Cancer is pure hell and my heart goes out to everyone who has been through it or is going through it.

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