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April 27 2012

Cabin straight to DVD in Australia. Perhaps a fan reaction can overturn this decision too? ETA: Official statement here and there is a screening of the movie on the 29th at the Gold Coast Film Festival.

I thought it had a release date in July sometime?
How it worked in Sweden: First of all, the distributor here is an independent company. That's important, since they really need people liking them.

It began with a lot of people complaining on their Facebook-page. Their wall was just filled with complaints about it.

And you have to hit them where it hurts, and where it hurts is the money. I threatened to buy a foreign DVD, instead of the Swedish one, so they wouldn't get any money out of it.

Then a few Swedish movie-sites began complaining too, which obviously carries a lot of weight.

And then a Swedish chain of bookstores specializing in fantasy and sci-fi started the "We want Cabin in the Woods in theaters in Sweden"-campaign, which got 339 likes, which may not sound like much, but that was just in 1 or 2 days.

That's how we succeeded. Today is three weeks away from the Swedish premiere (Oh, and The Avengers premieres tonight!!) :)

Good luck with making it happen! :)
They did have a July release date (a week before TDKR) but it looks like they've removed it from the schedule.
Who remember's about a year ago, we would have been doing cartwheels just to hear we were finally getting a dvd release? Still, bad news for Oz.
Sorry for Australia :(
Austria in the meantime has the cinema release scheduled for the middle of June which makes me very happy. Was already expecting/fearing an Australian fate...
As an Australian I am disappointed.
Drew McWeeny at HitFix has written a nice little argument about why he thinks it's the wrong decision.
I've heard some of the international partners are swapping CABIN for PIRANHA 3DD. I don't know if true or which ones. Oh dear.
Oh Drew McWeeny, usually giggle at his name, usually agree with his stuff. Good writer.
Village Roadshow have a movie featuring the director/writer and one of the stars of the biggest movie of the year and they don't want to release it? THE HELL?! Surely the aura effect of The Avengers is enough to make it decently profitable?

At least we have Avengers early.
This does not look good for a New Zealand theatrical release either...
Well boo. Maybe a private screening. Shown as part of a double bill at a CSTS event?
Gem, we did. Only recently got given July 12th. Now though...
In Italy they postponed it for the third time now. First it was the 13th of April, then the 20th, then the 1st of May and now is the 18th.

I don't think that it will ever be released here either.
I'm thinking this might be a job for the Astor cinema. Or ACMI. In Melbourne anyway.
Cabin in the Woods really is a big picture and deserves to be seen on the big screen, and definitely the Australian Joss Whedon fans have always been awesome and deserve to see it on the big screen. I'm disappointed for them that this is happening.

Of course they ARE getting to see Avengers before me, so I'm jealous of them for that!
Actually you can watch in Australia on the 29th (there was a screening today as well)
^ I might have to check that out.
I hope we get a theatrical release in Brazil. Usually we get the same deals as Australia. As of now, the movie is set to hit theaters on August 17.
I haven't been to the cinema in years, so please let me have a theatrical release in Germany.
That "official statement" is balls.
I feel bad for Anna Hutchison--she's from New Zealand, no? It would've been nice for her to get a theatrical in her own home country...

Oh, and I guess Chris Hemsworth is from Australia, according to the HitFix article. So that's sad for both of 'em.
And they wonder what drives people to piracy. This right here I'm willing to bet will cause some of it. I already saw a lot of people state they'll buy the US DVD (I'm going to be one of them) and others are just pissed. Who's brilliant idea was this bullcrap? Honestly who thought it made any sense? It baffles me that you would relegate one of the best reviews and well loved movies of the year straight to DVD. Plus, even just on a bragging standpoint, 2 actors in the movie are from this region so congrats, now their families can't even brag to their friends about this. Oh also, it's not like it's that hard to make a copy of the movie and release it here. if Chipwrecked can get a theatrical release then this movie deserves one too
Couldn't they have done a limited release? In the biggest cinemas only for say 2 weeks? I am sure if enough Adelaide people asked palace nova or mercury they'd probably put it on! I don't watch horror and my boyfriend who is in Ireland said its very gory, but saw was massive here so I don't understand it. Also Hemsworth is very popular here due to Thor and home and away. Seems like a poor decision, but many of the smaller movies don't get released here mainstream but they should get shown somewhere. Roadshow used to have a lot of whedon fans working there. Have they all moved on? It's very sad. Releasing it post avengers and marketing it as another Joss Whedon film would have been a great way to market it!
What a crock of shit.

Ivalaine, I just contacted Palace Cinemas to find out if there's any chance of them picking it up.
This seems like a really dumb decision. Chris Hemsworth is an Australian actor!
Facebook campaign here. Go, share!

Statement and discussion from the Astor Cinema (in Melbourne) Facebook page: basically they can't do anything about it and think we should start a petition.

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