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April 27 2012

Joss Whedon to appear on CBS News Sunday Morning, April 29. I think this may be U.S. viewers only, but maybe there's a way to get the CBS feed via the Internet ...?


Interview Airs Sunday, April 29 on "CBS Sunday Morning With Charles Osgood"

Best known for small, quirky television shows - like the cult hit Buffy The Vampire Slayer -Joss Whedon may seem an unlikely choice to write and direct a film that packs not only a team of Marvel Comics' mightiest superheroes, but also some of Hollywood's biggest names. But The Avengers, which opened this week overseas and is set to debut in the U.S. on May 4, is already generating the kind of acclaim and box office success that has Disney and Marvel Comics seeing green (and not just because of the Hulk).

This weekend, CBS News correspondent John Blackstone catches up with Whedon, who discusses the challenge of taking on a potential blockbuster, as well as how empowering women has been a theme throughout his work.

"I loved the idea of a girl going into a dark alley, and a monster comes, and then she just aces him," Whedon tells Blackstone. "It's like, you want to see the tiny person suddenly take control. God, my whole career is basically about that!"

The full interview - which includes clips from the film - will broadcast Sunday, April 29, on the CBS SUNDAY MORNING WITH CHARLES OSGOOD (9:00-10:30 AM/ET) on the CBS Television Network. Rand Morrison is the Executive Producer.

And here comes the world.
Not really. The rest of the world gets "Sorry. This site is not available from your location." So I've copied the press release in (we got it too).
I don't mean here comes the world to the video. I mean here comes the world to Joss.
I'm in the UK, if anyone does find a link to view it other than in the US, do post it!

It is so exciting. Like, FINALLY joe bloggs gets to see what the rest of us already knew - nobody does it like joss! Reading the Avengers reviews, is like "yep, coulda told you that was what to expect!" even though i'm yet to see it!

D'you think he's in with a chance of being handed back Wonder Woman at all? I was sooo looking forward to seeing what he could do with her.
Is anyone else finding this mainstream success oddly surreal?
for those of us setting up our DVRs via our web browsers (don't have a smartphone) the show appears to be titled CBS News Sunday Morning. (I tried CBS This Morning and my DVR gave me Friday and Monday, and possibly Saturday)
Anyway... Thanks!

Now I need to ask the mythtv people if there is a way to program for Joss but not as a writer...
Wesbi I'm finding it awesome! After years of wishing and hoping that there would be more interviews and publicity in the media for Joss' projects, we're finally getting them. I, for one, intend to wallow.
@Wesbi -yes i really am. On the run up to Cabin opening, before the reviews started coming out, I felt really nervous like it was my friend's film. And equally, it's like a friend has suddenly got his big break and all of a sudden everyone knows who i'm talking about. "You know he did Buffy the Vampire Slayer..." "Oh did he?" Or, conversely, someone at work who's a Buffy fan said of the Avengers "Oh I think it's just gonna be a mishmash of all the mediocre movies [ie Iron Man, Captain America, Thor] thrown together." Says I: "You know it's Joss Whedon at the helm don't you?" "OH! No I didn't! OK maybe I will go & see it then!!"
Yup surreal is the right term @wesbi. Sunday Morning has this nifty trumpet song that I like and now Whedon is going to be on it. Wow. Must set Dvr.

So when is he getting a big magazine cover of just him? Any bets?
So I'm really excited for Joss. It will be nice to see a director like him get some national TV time, for a change, instead of the typical eye-candy hack like Michael Bay.

Also, how many folks think its about damned time they have Joss on the Daily Show and/or the Colbert report? Talk about favorite worlds colliding... Make it happen, Stew-Beef!

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I've always thought Joss would really do well with Jon Stewart. I'd love to see that!

It is a bit surreal - but oh so long in coming. I'm so excited to see The Avengers.
This is great. I would prefer he be on Craig Ferguson or even Kimmel, but Joss on a Sunday morning news show is pretty good. Hopefully, it will be the road to late-night TV (hey, if JJ Abrams could get on Kimmel...)
and to hann23..$400 million dollar opening weekend equals Joss getting on the cover of Time. He ought to get to EW's cover even sooner.
I'm wondering if this was taped in Joss' own back yard, the one where 'Much Ado About Nothing' was filmed (it looks like a back yard scene)? I'll definitely be DVRing this!
I have to say all this is pretty surreal indeed. There are posters for Cabin and The Avengers everywhere in Paris, I see the name Joss Whedon every 5 minutes. That's pretty awesome ! :)
Oh my, Liam12, can you take some photos of Joss posters adjacent to Paris landmarks? Because that would be awesome.
I've seen a couple intersections here in LA where one corner has a Cabin billboard, and another has an Avengers billboard. Driving up Fairfax a couple weeks ago they were placed one right after the other, too.

Most of the Cabin stuff is gone now, sadly, but it was cool while it lasted. Never got a chance to take a picture. But I hope Joss saw and took pride.
While I'm also deeply pleased that Joss is getting so much good press right now, I also keep thinking of his words about press junkets from the famous Equality Now speech...
One day they will stop asking him why he writes strong women.

I can dream, can't I?
I definitely won't be missing this.

Btw, any other state-siders here just really tempted to read the discussion threads for The Avengers? I almost read them but somehow managed to drag myself out of there. Only one week left!
Oh I am so tempted but I am avoiding. It's hard!

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All this time, we have been his cult following, and now when in this mainstream success, it starts off verily surreal! It has just started, and I am very happy that Joss gets the recognition that he deserves, and have deserved for 20 years!
I work at this time.... curse my life right now
Five year old five minutes ago after seeing an Avengers commercial earlier: "Iron man says 'And we have a Hulk.'. " Whedon's words just came out of my little boy's mouth.

A surreal moment.
My TV program shows Joss on CBS on a show that airs from 7:00a.m. to 8:30a.m. here in L.A.

Dude! There are only a few people I'd get up early on a Sunday morning for - it's mah sleepin'-in day. But I will drag my sorry ass out of bed to see this, because the thrill of Joss getting this kind of press has still not worn off. ; ]

Jobo, we got a shot of one of the Cabin billboards out in the Valley.
Ha, very nice, QG! And appropriately placed next to an ad for Follies, which I recently learned Joss could sing by heart when he was 12 years old. Excellent.
I thought this was just going to be just some interview clip about The Avengers but I geeked out when they showed a short clip of Much Ado!!!! It was a scene with Fran Kranz was saying some lines and Alexis climbing up the building to spy on them. I hope they put the clip online so I can see it again!

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I just saw it. I want to cry. I was so happy. Is there going to be a "Discuss the Sunday Morning Homage to Whedon" thread?

Maybe we have to wait until Sunday Morning puts it up.
So amazing that is was ABOUT JOSS, not the Avengers, not its stars, but the man himself. I chuckled with the intro of "relatively unknown" when he's been my number one-would-like-to-meet/be celebrity since 1998. Awesome to see some footage from Much Ado!
It was a great segment. I didn't start a new thread on it since I wasn't expecting it to be so focused on Joss's career. If CBS posts the segment online we could start a new discussion thread for it. For now, we'll just discuss here.
I have no connection to this man and I feel like a friend is making it big. Both my boys were saying "We have a Hulk" during the piece.

I loved the end statement.
The text transcript is up, so I started a new thread.
Unfortunately his wife outted a geek. :-)

I guess I can now say out loud and proud , I am a GEEK

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