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"Yeah, I never told anyone about this, but I--I liked your poems."
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April 27 2012

Joss Whedon - The Guardian Q & A. "Cat or dog? Cat! Dog: need need, poop, chew, need, lick, need. Cat: whatev. Meow, yo. Here's a mouse."

If he needs a home for the digital camera he brought, I could always use a spare.
Oh geez, the answer to the dinner party question. How does he nail these things every single time?

(Also, yay cat person!)
I would be happy to be his terrible Chinese translator on the Great Wall. My luck, he'd have already gotten his superpower.
Hitler was not a vegetarian. That's a myth.
Oh, sure. Defend Hitler. ;)
Maybe he meant Gandhi
it's a myth that that's a myth. or maybe it's a myth that it's a myth that it's a myth.
Perhaps he was mythtaken.
I took it that he would be eating Hitler!

Don't take this interview to letterly, literaarly, litterlarly, or how do you write those words....

Very fun to read anyway. :-)))
Hah. Good for Joss on the answer to the Sex question as well. That was pretty crass for The Guardian.


Spelt the name of The Grauniad wrong. Heh.

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Ugh, a cat person? I don't know if I can keep supporting this man.
Another cat person here (not in the Doctor Who sense, obviously...) and proud of it! Cats are far and away the best animals in the world to have as pets. They live with you but go out and do their own thing. Other than expecting a bowl of food a couple of times a day, fresh water and some fuss and attention when they come home, they're entirely independent! Love 'em! And I should, because I have four!

Dogs, on the other hand, are so damn needy. You have to do everything for them, even down to taking them out for a walk. I mean, if a cat can go out and find its way back home safely every single day, how come a dog can't do the same? Nope, if I'd wanted the kind of responsibility that comes with having a dog, I'd have had children. And I never wanted one of those either! ;)
My cat has already tweeted Mr. Whedon's approval of the species.
All cats do is sit around plotting how to take over the world, and poo occasionally. I'm okay with that.
Cats are awesome. That is all.
I got a sidebar with a picture of Donald Sutherland. I guess irony can be pretty ironic at times...
Joss Whedon is right about everything.

Except thinking cats are better than dogs.
Weird. One of my earliest memories is also stepping on glass. Because I really did step on glass, running around our apartment complex in bare feet at age something like 4.
Every answer could be turned into a bumper sticker, poster, or tee shirt. Especially shutting up when you run out of things to say.
Don't do the shutting up thing. There's always someone out there who's not run out of things to hear.
Hence: Well said. (Wasn't that well said, Zoe?)
Cats. They really are the superior species.
*takes a bow*
All this cat love is making me sick.
I think I'll embroider 'your life has meaning' on a pillow.
I still don't get the cats vs dogs debate. They're both great. It's like asking bacon vs pancakes.

...edit: not that I am advocating eating your domestic animals for breakfast.

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I knew my faith in Whedon wasn't in vain. Cat people ftw!
Pancakes every time! Can't stand bacon!
His insight never ceases to amaze me. I had no idea about the hidden meaning of Eight Days a Week. *looks askance at crate of Beatles albums*
Great Q & A. And yes, I am a cat person.
Agree that virtually any answer could work as a bumper sticker.

And, yes, I am a cat person, too.
Since we are polling preferences I'll admit that I think that dogs are needier than cats, but personally I find that house plants need too much care.
Cats are awesome. Have always said exactly what Joss does about the cats vs. dogs debate, although with a little less wit than him.

Other peoples' dogs are okay (mostly,) but I would never want to own one.
This cat revelation is almost as awesome as the time Joss mentioned Blackadder in passing.
He mentioned Blackadder in passing? How could I have missed that!
I'd rather have a pet that is needy, but might actually have some concern for it's owner beyond needing them alive to give them food and water. Sure, cats are less work, but they're also less invested in the people that care about them.
Shep, he mentioned Blackadder all the way back here (#25). And it made my day back in 2006.
I love cats, I love dogs, but as far as cats not being needy, if Mr. Whedon met the cats I live with, he'd be *so* disillusioned.
My wife and I have two cats. One of them, Cleo, is the kind of cat that Joss described as "cat." Except she's never brought us a mouse. The other, though, is word for word Joss' description of "dog." Jasper licks, comes when called, will get up from an extremely comfortable placement just to move to the room we are in. He's the neediest thing there ever was, but also the most love-filled thing in history.

I think my cat is broken, is basically what I'm saying.
Most cats will give back to you what you give to them. That's why they're the perfect pet for most people.

If you just want the experience of having a pet and only give the cat a little bit of personal attention every day, most cats (with the exception of some breeds) will entertain themselves and be happy.

If you shower your cat with love and spend a lot of time with them, they will become very devoted indeed to their people and demand and give affection.

Not being needy doesn't mean they don't/can't form deep bonds with their humans.
Dogs: all the optimism, joy, and love in the world on four legs.
Cats: all the pessimism, cynicism, and apathy in the world on four legs.

I've loved my cats, but the dogs and I have always connected in a way that the cats and I didn't. Plus, my dog has learned how to turn doorknobs--take THAT, fat cats!
@redders Cheers for the list, not seen that before. I love reading that he lists Josh Lyman (so true,) after the release of Cabin.
This was ten kinds of wonderful - from flip to profound on a dime.

I am cat-owned - living in an apartment, I've always been wary of taking on a dog - but both dogs and cats are wonderful, patient, forbearing and loving creatures, and both pretty much give back what you give them. I have attentive, affectionate cats, and I've never had anything but that kind, from rescues to the almost-feral - so I'm thinking it had *something* to do with how they were treated. I always find it interesting when someone dislikes one, and loves the other. I watch how they describe the species they don't like, and then think: that's what you have no tolerance for within yourself.

I've always liked excerpts from the dog and cat diaries - I'm much more like a cat, myself, but I love the enthusiasm and devotion of the dog-like, too.

There's need for all kinds of love in this world.
Too vague. Chocolate truffles or fungus truffles?
Chocolate truffles OF COURSE.
My cat and dog used to snuggle up in the dog's bed at night, it was quite endearing. Though cccassionally the cat would kick the dog out of her bed and my poor dog would sleep all night on the floor. Though I remember once my dog snapped and rolled the cat over with her nose, the look of outrage on my cat's face was priceless.
I do love it when a cat feels her dignity has been outraged - they get that combination of huffy and abashed that's kinda wonderful, though I wouldn't want a cat to hear me saying that. *looks around cautiously*

Someone that friends of friends of mine follow on twitter posted this dog & cat lovefest recently - such a good capture.
Cute. This ad wowed us back in the 80s.
Joss wouldn't want a pet (if he could have pets with his kids' allergies) that was dependent on him. Cats! Only a cat would do. Now, given the. choice between a mongoose and a parrott I wonder what his choice would be. And sex question=fail in a good Q&A.
Am I terrible person if I say: neither? I'm not a huge pet person at all lol.
I'm curious to know what kind of cat the people who say their cats are more needy have? I think the Siamese/Oriental/Burmese-type cats in general are more emotionally needy than many other cat types. We have a cat that's partially oriental (not purebred) and it has a personality like a dog.

Still, even with a needy personality, cats are less needy than dogs.
My cat, a Maine Coon, is larger than my (now late) dog, a Miniature Schnauzer. Cat weighs 17 pounds, dog weighed 12. The cat is much less needy, but both were (and are) sort of cool. I miss the little fellow, Evan, but still have the cat, aged 10, Luna.
The success of Avengers will be measured in ticket sales, merchandizing and cat rescues.
I love dogs, too, I love all animals. But I have always felt more drawn to cats.

The video of Christian the lion who was reconnects with the two men who raised him is my favorite video ever.
Last two questions were pure Joss. Love this.
I watch how they describe the species they don't like, and then think: that's what you have no tolerance for within yourself.

I dislike cats because I'm allergic to them.
When I have had one cat, that cat has been more needy than when I have had two cats that get along with each other. This makes sense; the cats had each other for companionship and entertainment.

One of those cats waited outside the laundry room while I did laundry and liked to be taken on walks. This was all his idea, not mine, and he taught the other cat to go on walks with us. He was sociable but not particularly needy and I miss him a lot.
My Manx isn't very needy at all, but my Maine Coon is far more demanding (& affectionate) than my French Bulldog… but I tend to raise needy cats & independant dogs…
Matt7325: I dislike cats because I'm allergic to them.

I know plenty of people who like cats, but just can't be around them because of allergies - and people that live w/ cats despite their allergies. I totally sympathize with keeping away from them because of allergic reactions, but I'm inclined to believe that actual dislike is a choice.

I'm quite allergic to bee stings, but I'm also quite fond of bees 'cos of their honey and stuff. Plus bees are just cool.

janef: When I have had one cat, that cat has been more needy than when I have had two cats that get along with each other. This makes sense; the cats had each other for companionship and entertainment.

Yeah, I know people that only have one cat because they prefer that cat-human bonding need, but I think it's a little cruel. Whenever possible, I think it's better to have at least two cats. I get to live with another of my species - why shouldn't they?

janef: ...and I miss him a lot.

Aw. I hear that.
I'm still getting used to just having four cats. I had five for years but I lost one last year unexpectedly to a heart attack. She was only seven at the time. RIP Brody! Miss ya sweetheart!

But yeah, I'd definitely never have less than two cats. You just have to see how my lot depend on each other to know how much they benefit from some same-species companionship.
CaptainB, so true. I want his cat-sentence on a t-shirt.

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