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April 28 2012

(SPOILER) The Spectator's Avengers Assemble review. In verse. Really.

"But as written and directed by Joss Whedon, I donít think character is his passion."


Impressive effort, but I'll admit I was fuzzy on what she was trying to say in some places because of the tortured syntax...
That is a bizarre phrase to throw in about Joss Whedon!
"But as written and directed by Joss Whedon, I donít think character is his passion."

Is this a joke? It's like saying that physics isn't Stephen Hawking's passion.

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Interesting comment about wanting more backstories. I mean, didn't we already GET the backstory and origin of almost all of these guys?

As a comic fan, I get sick of all of these reboots and origin story films. Not that they aren't good places for people to start, but the whole point is the story is supposed to carry on AFTER that.

But, that's as a comic book fan, and I recognize that the average moviegoer does not feel that way.
As a comic book fan, the story should give you enough information that it can move forward without wasting time on the backstory and origin. The sneaky stories will do this in a way that makes it intriguing to discover the previously given backstory and origin (after the current story is over).
Yeah, that "I don't think character is his passion" line stuck out for me too. As being insane.
Meh. There's no power in the Verse.
Just one of many reviews to come. I wouldn't get my draws in a bind over this.

Hmm, I'm still curious how Thor faces the Hulk (no spoilers please).
Honestly? Ambitious idea, not a particularly impressive effort. Not to be all feh - I'm the first one to appreciate someone trying this - but I think it fell rather flat.

I'd think the same whether it was more positive, or less - you can say whatever you like in well-done verse, and I'm there - but this? Notsomuch.

A+ for trying, C for execution.
QuoterGal, is that for the reviewer or the movie?
This review in verse, Maddy - haven't seen The Avengers yet....
Ah. Who thought up of this "in verse' idea anyhoo?
A reviewer in the L.A. Times did a review of the "Cat in the Hat" film, which made stylistic sense, as "The Cat in the Hat" is entirely in verse. "The Avengers," not so much. Also, perhaps on the planet of shrimp, "learn" rhymes with "Hiddleston," but I do not believe that occurs here on Earth. As for character not being Joss Whedon's passion, again, we return you to Planet of the Shrimp, where this could be true. (Or maybe she means Joss Whedon is not passionate about shrimp characters?)
The Avengers Assemble
The fans they do tremble
But no one need fear
For that whirring you hear
Is machines counting dollars
Until Disney hollers
More elated than aghast
But still, "We can't count this fast!"
As every satisfied fan
Returns to see Iron Man
Plus Bro's Thor and Loki
A time or twenty-three
And to observe the Hulk
In groups, herds or bulk
For nothing is grander
Than Whedon-penned banter
Or inspires devotion
Like his directed emotion
And his helming of action
Rouses a lively faction
Yes, "Avengers" is mighty
And this all rhymes - all righty!
Nice poem, Shapenew. Gave me a good chuckle. Thank you!

Now, about this planet of shrimp....location please? My taste buds are just watering! May be lobster there as well, they tend to hang out together, that salty crew!
@Shapenew, thank you -- that was great!
I'm scared to even imagine what would be considered a good movie on a planet of shrimp...
The Prawn Identity?
Need to think bigger than that, mjwilson. Perhaps, "The Prawn Redemption"? Just a thought.

Back to the topic, I'm still trying to wrap my one remaining braincell to this "In verse".
QuoterGal, you are right, it wasn't a particularly impressive effort. I suppose I was just applauding the effort of trying something new. But there were lines when the scansion almost hurt me, so...

Mind you, I can still forgive that more easily than not doing any research on whether, say, a director is particularly well-known for character-driven stories. Sigh.
Right there with ya, skittledog.

Yay, Shapenew.

Your scansion's
is worthy of a mansion.

Poetic enaction
gives me such

Prosodic creation
deserves a

("We are happy, we are merry.
We got a rhyming dictionary."

- Bart Simpson, "Bart the General")
Thanks, all :) Especially QuaterGal, you are a noter, pal :) Madhatter, I think it was specified as a world of nothing but shrimp, but perhaps the lobsters are on the next world over - all in the Crab Nebula, of course :)
What?! No lobster world? You do realize you're crushing my heart (and appetite). Well, guess I'll make do with the crab legs :)

Take care!

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