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April 29 2012

Joss Whedon talks about filming The Avengers in Cleveland. "I did have one moment very early on where I went, 'Oh-ohhh-my-goodness.' Then my wife said, 'It's just the next story.'"

Hooray for Cleveland! Nice to know that Joss enjoyed some of the best parts of the city I live in.
Well, he did give it a Hellmouth ...
Edit: Not sure what happened - think I posted in the wrong thread.

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This makes me want to visit Cleveland (they should make the Avengers sets and the Hellmouth tourist sites!).
Cleveland is pretty cool to visit. I know they filmed a segment not far from Worthington, PA, where I used to live. Now that town, I would not recommend visiting! The mushroom mines where they filmed smells terrible.
I love Joss, but if i hear/read the "and my wife said its just the next story" once more, im gonna explode...
So, Darkness... why does Joss keep writing these strong, female characters?
@Darkness, AGREED!
As someone who lives in Pittsburgh, I'm "not supposed" to like Cleveland, but I always have a good time there. Good to see that they did too!

...though no mention of Big Fun, which is one of my favorite stores in the world :-)

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