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April 29 2012

Mark Kermode and Simon Mayo review Avengers on BBC Radio 5 Live. Here in the UK, much-respected Mark Kermode (he's usually right on the money) likes Avengers and CiTW! CiTW is commented on near the beginning, when going through the top 10 current movies, Avengers review is I think about halfway through. It's live, with a few verdicts from listeners too, all of who love it. No spoilers.

I remember he made Serenity his film of the week way back when.
Cabin is about 20 mins in, Avengers discussion is about 1h5m. All very positive stuff.
this was a very entertaining show, and of course it made me happy that they were covering both 'Cabin in the Woods' and 'Avengers' (AKA Avengers Assemble).
There's a video of the review on their youtube channel here.
Heh, I "discovered" Mark Kermode because someone here posted a link to his review of Serenity back then. Even though i don't go to the cinema anymore (except for Avengers of course) I still listen to those two bicker week after week.

And hello to Jason Isaacs.

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