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April 29 2012

Kids React to The Avengers movie trailer. The video is very funny and the Kids React series is created by the Fine Brothers.

That was adorable!
Adorable indeed! And the girl at 3:47 had her wish fulfilled:

And then it, like, makes pure awesomeness, I hope...

I kinda hate "Kids react to...". If you watch too many of their videos, you start becoming annoyed by all the kids. It's clear that some of them are very aware of what the general public thinks and they repeat word for word what you can hear on TV or read on Twitter, Tumblr or any other website. They are also very self-aware and seem to read all the comments left on their YouTube videos. Sometimes, they hate on something because it's the cool thing to do.
The kid in the Ripcurl shirt is my absolute favorite. He cracked me up through the whole thing! "Why?! Why would there be too many superhero movies?!"
The girl who answered Spider-Man when asked if there were any missing Avengers in the movie wasn't just "close enough" because it was a Marvel character at the end of a string of DC suggestions. Most of the Marvel heroes have been on Avengers teams at one point or another but Spidey's been an Avengers mainstay for nearly a decade now. A nerdy nitpick to be sure but if these Fine Bros are going to lampoon children for being incorrect about comics they should probably have their facts straight themselves.
Kids have so much wisdom! :)
Agreed, baresilver! "Why am I talking in a Jamaican accent?"

And I partially agree, obillow. The "hater" kids usually annoy me. But I like the videos for the one kid who un-abashedly loves whatever they've just seen.
That was beautiful, ajames8! Kids tell the truth, they don't carry the junk that we tend to.

Again, wonderful!
I had been doing an interview show w/kids once and you would be surprised at how difficult it is to find kids who can express themselves on camera. These kids were interesting and natural, I was pretty impressed with them.
That was adorable and really funny. Oh man.
Two words: ROBOT PIGS

Get on that, Joss.
^I'm a little more interested in the concept of the Zombie Butterflies.
Zombie butterflies have already been done in Return of the Living Dead...they didn't do much. But then they were nailed down...
Very entertaining, thanks for posting.

I agree, the kid in the Ripcurl shirt was pretty hilarious. I'm not real experienced or comfortable around kids but I'd want to hang out with him. Knowledgeable, smart and funny.

And Robot Pigs vs. Zombie Butterflies?! Awesome!! Just don't let Syfy execute it.

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