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April 29 2012

(SPOILER) Nordling of AiCN reviews The Avengers. Overtly positive and filled with aggressive love-prose. He only takes two issues which do very little to diminish his praise.

Usually not a huge AiCN fan, but this is one of my favorite reviews of Avengers yet. I've become tired of so many critics on Rotten Tomatoes condescending to the characters and the Marvel universe (even while praising the film itself!) that this was a breathe of fresh air.
I haven't been able to stomach Rotten Tomatoes in years. They are soulless cretins, every one of 'em. :)

But I am rather fond of Aint it Cool News... most of the time.
I would also recommend Drew Mcweeny's review, very well written.
I think I agree with everything in this review. For one thing, I hadn't thought about the musical score at all, which was more or less the reviewer's point - it is forgettable, unfortunately. There is certainly nothing like the score for "Pirates of the Caribbean", one of my favourites. Paste it on "Avengers" mentally if you will, it would totally work...
I loved this quote:

Im certain that some 10-year-old child, boy or girl, is going to see this and say, I want to do that, and make something amazing in 20 years.

Devin Faraci's review is up. Gushing enough that he may even be forgiven for the "Requiem for the Browncoats" article:

Saw it myself Saturday. Tears of joy. Knocked so far out of the park I think it could possibly be in orbit by now. You magnificent bastard, thank you.
Alan Silvestri's score was also my main disappointment, it's certainly good enough, it does the job but I thought it was a little too generic for the most part.
That being said I've been listening to the soundtrack and the main theme is really growing on me.
I only read the portion that is not spoilery. Not that I wasn't psyched to see the movie already, but the praise the movie is getting (on top of the praise that CITW is getting) is so exciting (and for far greater reasons than The Avengers being worth seeing).

Great praise for a Joss Whedon movie, plus the movie making all those studio 1%-ers into 1/2%-ers, means more Whedon movies (and maybe hope for more Whedon TV somewhere that is not FOX). Maybe the Mayans knew that the world would change in 2012, once the world at large grows to appreciate Joss's work. ;-)

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