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April 30 2012

(SPOILER) CHUD's take on The Avengers. Contains possibly the best quote seen so far about the film: "On my deathbed I very well may look back on my life's brightest moments and have to decide if the birth of my first child should be above or below watching Hulk go completely apeshit in The Avengers." A review by AICN's Quint can be found here.

This was a fantastic review.
Maybe because I've never read the comics, or any comics, but I thought Scralett was great. She is the only version of the character I've seen and she seemed perfect.
(Spoiler) I loved her scene with Loki where I was totally suckered into buying her breakdown even though she was introduced in the film doing the very same thing! Joss' script showed us a "weak emotional woman" scene than totally turned it on its head. I, and Loki, got played. That's how you hold your own in a superhero movie when you don't have superpowers.
Because this is going to be a busy week, reviews will be bundled together. I've added the AICN one to this entry.
I'm assumming also there will be a Discuss 'The Avengers' - round Three thread at the end of the week for the U.S. release?
Oh gosh yes.
Friday... not... here... yet...
He did not just say Tom Hiddleston was a mediocre actor.

No. Just no.
I really liked both these reviews.

And this comment from Quint:

Iím not quite sure they explained why he can Hulk out and pose a threat to his teammates one minute and the next time be a team player well enough, but I can say without a shadow of a doubt that this is the very best, truest to the character version of the big brute thatís made it to the big screen.

is exactly what I feel.

Apparently we're in the minority when it comes to the Hulk's apparent sudden change of control, that none of the other reviews I've read and only a couple of comments in the Avengers thread mention it. But as Quint goes on to say, the Hulk is done so well, it pretty much doesn't matter.

I have a question for those who have read Hulk or Avengers comics, how does Hulk ever be useful in multi-hero battles? how do the comics explain where he gets some control from?
Bluey, this is what I took from the movie: Banner is in control of his transformations, but on board the helicarrier, everyone's being manipulated by Loki. He's prodded into his first transformation in a year after an argument with the group followed by a jarring explosion. He Hulks out. When he transforms again, it's his choice.
Thanks UnpluggedCrazy, that's pretty much what I took away from the movie.

But is it understandable (and consistent with the comics) that he would have control of the Hulk? As I said in the first Avengers thread, I thought the Hulk, by definition is 'an uncontrollable green rage monster' (as Stark puts it in the movie).
There have been a ton of different variations of control when it comes to the Hulk. Everywhere from force-of-nature rage monster to Bruce Banner's personality and intelligence in a big green body. Really depends on how the writer wants to approach the character. There have also been versions where the angrier he gets, the stronger, but less intelligent, he becomes. In the Ultimates, the Hulk is more or less used like a nuke. They drop him on the battlefield and let him destroy the opposing forces.
Thanks for the explanation WindTheFrog, I didn't know he had such range in the comics.

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