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April 30 2012

10,000 supporters and Lego could make a Serenity kit happen. Who wouldn't buy one of these either for themselves or a child?

Use #LegoSerenity if you are going to tweet about it.

Bear in mind that it has pass the Lego review first.
Ahhh. I figured there had to be a catch somewhere. Does it also need Fox/Universal to get on board?
I would imagine so. Fox would have to license it to Lego.
Oh, this makes up for the Shaun of the Dead figures not going through. Full steam ahead, fandom! I want Legos!
I would so buy this. I want Lego Mal.
Oooooh! Very nice. Want.
With the amount of different franchises that Lego has already based toys on, Marvel, Harry Potter etc, does anyone know if any of these are already licensed by Fox and/or Univeral???
It is highly unlikely that Lego would approve this. They just disapproved a Shawn Of The Dead set due to the fact that the subject matter of the movie is not appropriate for Lego's 6-10 year old target market. They would probably have the same issue with Serenity.
No, not even for Serenity. Freestyle Legos forever!
RayHill, Lego has done plenty of other sets for other action-adventure franchises like Pirates of the Caribbean and Batman, so it's not unthinkable that they'd approve it. I love Shawn of the Dead, but I can see how it might not have made the cut.

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