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April 30 2012

Our Mrs. Reynolds - the musical. Staged by the Institution Theater, playing Tuesdays this month at 8pm (The Highball - Austin, TX).

OMG why don't I live closer to Austin, TX??!!! This looks like awesome fun!
My thoughts exactly, alexreager!
I DO live in Austin and had not heard about this yet, so thanks! I'm hoping that "this month" refers to upcoming May and not the about to end April.

Going to mark the calendar now....
And the drink sounds yummy, like the good ol' Singapore Sling.
My usual question: Properly licensed?
Thanks for the information. As I live in Austin, I picked up some tickets. I do not know how good it will be, but it should be fun to see another homage to a great show.
Oops, all tickets sold out!
@b!X, not sure about licensing as I'm not affiliated with the troupe. I'd heard about this months ago when there was a call for auditions. The Institution Theater also does Angel Live shows at a different venue.

@jperiodrperiod, as I understand it, the show is running for two months. The June showings will be Thursdays, which is awesome as Tuesdays are out for me.

@Ric, glad you got tickets! Hope they're worth it. Enjoy The Serenity cocktail...

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Actually the June shows will be Fridays at 10:00 pm at The Institution Theater. During May they'll be Tuesdays at 8:00 pm at the Highball. And currently Angel Live! Is running Fridays at 10:00 pm at the Institution Theater, doing Smile Time.
And I still can't seem to find if they are licensed. (They might very well be, but since so many such things aren't, it behooves licensed shows to publicly establish that fact to differentiate themselves from the scofflaws.)

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