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April 30 2012

(SPOILER) Richard Roeper reviews "The Avengers". He gives the movie an "A" rating. And in this new clip Joss Whedon does a 1:44 length commentary over a previously released scene.

Is it Friday yet????
I'm a little upset that no theaters near me are showing it in 2D. They're either in 3D or in IMAX 3D. I need help here. I don't want to spend more money on IMAX(I'm a poor college kid) but I'm hearing the 3D alone isn't so great. Is watching it in IMAX 3D that much better than just 3D? Is it really worth paying more? Thanks in advance.
The 3D is fine. Didn't ruin the movie for me. It gives it a bit of depth. Hardly necessary, but it doesn't get in the way. I don't recommend getting a front or second row seat, though. Hell on the neck, and the low angle somewhat messes up the illusion. But if you can get a decently far back, fairly centered seat, the 3D probably looks great.
Thanks! I'll definitely be showing up early to get a good seat.
Does the second clip work for anyone else?
It worked once I opened it in Chrome. Firefox didn't like it.
Awesome. I remember Roeper loved Serenity too, back when he was on TV with Roger Ebert (who also liked the BDM).
@UnpluggedCrazy Yeah, I remember being pleasantly surprised that they were both so positive. And yet somehow I felt that again watching this review. I just expected him to be harsher, I guess. Cannot wait for Friday XD.
The anticipation is killing me. Get to see it on Wednesday!
Just as a general guide for all movie choices, Real3D is the preferred 3D format (based on my internet research). It does the best job of reducing the movie's brightness the least (all post-production 3D conversions make a film appear "dimmer" to one degree or another) and Real 3D produces the sharpest image. I wanted to see this amazing adventure in IMAX (I'm a fan of the format), but I bought tickets to a smaller screen Real 3D showing for these reasons.
RealD 3D still makes the image pretty dim, unfortunately.
I've commented on this elsewhere, but since this thread has deviated slightly it bears repeating, and also I realise that not every one will be able/want to do this, but I cannot stress enough how much of an improvement buying a quality pair of 3d glasses makes to the picture. I watched Thor before and after buying mine, same cinema and it was like night and day, the image was clearer, brighter, no crosstalk/ghosting blurring etc. I'm hearing people complaining about darkness in the Avengers 3d presentation, but when I saw it last Saturday I experienced none of this. I absolutely appreciate that not everyone will be willing/able to fork out for a pair of glasses just to watch a film with, but if you're a regular movie goer and/or a bit of an A/V nut like I am, they make a huge difference.
Ebert liked "Serenity"? I didn't see that particular review show, just the (online) printed review. He gave it 3 stars (good), but the review doesn't really talk about the writing or directing. Made it hard to tell what what he thought, other than he had some affection and enjoyed some of the humor.

I don't trust Roeper, after he didn't like "Fellowship of the Ring" because he didn't understand why the Ring was a big deal. (Hello? Was he getting popcorn when that was explained during the first five minutes of that movie?)
3 stars from Ebert means that it's a positive review, plus he gave Serenity a Thumbs Up on his show. He liked Cabin too, for what it's worth.
OneTeV, that Fellowship tidbit is priceless! Almost as bad as the Rex Reed review of Cabin!

Nice to see good critical response. After all, we're all going to see it and form our own opinions, but critics can definitely get people who weren't going to into the theater.

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